Acer Iconia Tab 10 A3-A40

Acer Iconia Tab 10 A3-A40

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Bought this for my grandma with dementia so she could play games. It works well playing games and doing all sorts of stuff. Its a great tablet for watching movies and playing games for extended periods. Its a tablet with average everything and surprisingly good performance. The tablet does feel very cheap and makes plastic creaking noises when you hold it. But what can you expect for a good price.

Yet again retaining the Iconia brand

Where is the iconia A3-A50 ?

  • piperotti

Brian B, 09 Jan 2018Most of these complaints seem to be about the SD card holde... moreHi Brian I found the sd slot but try as I might I cannot insert a micro sd card into it puzzled Thanks for any advice

  • Carmanen

Too bad this tablet never got Nougat update and don't probably get any updates anymore :/ Last update was May 2017 security update. I also noticed Acer has made a VERY similar tablet that has no real improvements over A3-A40 other than it has Nougat out of the box. Really cheap by Acer! In fact, this newer model has 2 speakers and not 4 as it's predecessor had. I like Acer but their Android support sucks!

  • Carmanen

Tann Hauser, 20 Jan 2018Bought it 3 days ago. With unique looks, hdmi out, FHD sc... moreI agree!

Bought it 3 days ago.
With unique looks, hdmi out, FHD screen, 4 speakers, 6100 mah battery, 32 gb space, 2gb ram, and a 1.5 Ghz SoC....
For now: totally satisfied, good UI, fast, fluent, media oriented, great sound, cant exactly run newest 3d games out there, but older ones does with ease...
Brilliant tab and best buy for the price.

  • Brian B

AnonD-580237, 03 Sep 2016WARNING: UK 3rd Sep 2016. Just bought one. Micro SD port ap... moreMost of these complaints seem to be about the SD card holder or lack of one, very disappointing. Read the small booklet provided with the tablet, it tells you where the SD card slot is located, it really isn't rocket science. I admit I too was puzzled at first but a quick glance at the booklet soon sorted it! I purchased the 2017 version with Android 7 which performs very well. By formatting the SD card on the tablet its capacity is added to the internal storage. I am getting 6 hours battery life with medium to heavy use. My only criticism is the plastic case which does not feel very secure and is quite "clicky"

  • Sparkle

After using for about 6 months I will give 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ for this thing everything's 👍except the battery life especially when gaming otherwise this thing is good value of money

  • Anonymous

Buying this device is a waste of money, from the first time of use it is non stop restarting and nothing can solve the problem!

  • Pixie


does anyone have any experiences with multiple user acoounts on this tablets? I have tried many things and nothing works. The goal is to have different users available on standby screen (like on Windows).
Found some options to do it (even app in play store that does this), but rooting is needed and have no clue how to do it. Google options do not work...

  • kbear

Sorry I meant ACER (not Asus) in the comment below.

  • kbear

Asus = garbage

This unit uses excessive power in IDLE and within a few days will die (from full charge and never used). I've tweaked every setting possible to try to fix it.

Asus will not fix it. Nor will they update it. Forget about Oreo (v8). They didn't even provide Nougat (v7). Asus will just sell and forget. Never again Asus.

  • AnonD-471535

Hey everyone, I got a problem with this device ; it seems that this device shuts off on it's idle (stand by).. Is anybody facing the same issue?

  • sparkle

same problem for me , you can try rooting the device and also changing some custom rom on this device which will make this device runs smoother as well as with some impressive performance ............................................................. or else if you have some better ideas you can share it over in this blog please ................ thank you everyone

  • Anonymous

Can this device be used as a IR TV remote (for 10 years old TV)?

  • Andrej

Caloi, 19 Jan 2017Hi! Does anyone know if the screen is scratch resistant? If... moreIt is not scratch resistant. Buy Asus zenpad. 1000 times beter tablet.

  • Caloi

Hi! Does anyone know if the screen is scratch resistant? If you own this tablet too please reply. Thanks! 😉 😊😗

  • Anonymous

This tablet weighs 529g.

  • Rees

Acer TAB 10 A3-140 has mini USB. Can it connect to TV using HMDI cable s0 diplaying the screen on the tablet?