Acer Predator 8

Acer Predator 8

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-78383, 04 Dec 2015I haven't found a review for this tablet yet but is this be... moreI try to answer one by one.
The Nvidia Shield tablet K1 should be much better than this.
Part of the issue is not the raw processing power between the two, but is the compatibility issue between the two.
Shield K1's Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, which is build upon ARM architecture has much better compatibility with all the apps and heavy graphic game in the apps store rather compare to the Intel chipset.
Personally I own a Intel chipset of ASUS Zenfone 2, and I face issue with the compatibility especially on high graphic game, where it`s graphic is rendered wrongly, or being tuned down, or not as beauty as those ARM based.

Mu, 17 May 2016Cool, but i'm looking for Predator 6, what happened to it?According to Acer forums the Predator 6 will be released towards the end of the year, quote "Q4".
I hope it can match the hype, I am disappointed by the 2gb RAM in a 'gaming tablet', to be honest.

  • Mu

Cool, but i'm looking for Predator 6, what happened to it?

  • AnonD-537739

deee333, 18 Nov 2015Can it play coc?maybe.....:LoL

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  • AnonD-459237

The GPU is more likely HD Graphics of Cherry Trail.

  • AnonD-509250

No GPU???

  • VIN23

predator 6

  • Paushin

I'm from Philippines and just bought this tablet a week ago, it was the best tablet for me since my tegra note lte had problems in lollipop and that I badly needed one, I just made a great deal kudos to acer!

  • B. Cipriano

4 speakers? Why just not put a 2.1 speakers or 2.2 instead of 4 speakers.

  • hapeace

spec gaming should be:
1080p screen
64gb rom
3gb/4gb ram
5000mah battery
quad/octa core

  • jack


  • shin

I just buy this tab, and its not a gaming tablet... very painful pointed edge, can't play long painful to hands.

  • AnonD-486156

what about the glass? its not gorilla glass, what is it?

  • jhay R

i love the style of this device... cool!!

  • AnonD-78383

I haven't found a review for this tablet yet but is this better than the Nvidia Shield tablet K1?

  • Marko

Its a pretty decent normal tablet for me, doesn't see any gaming material on this tablet other than its design.


If you have 4g internet and gps with your mobile phone then its for you!

  • Anonymous

deee333, 18 Nov 2015Can it play coc?yes it can :) All smartphones can :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-441601, 18 Nov 2015Where's GPU??? A great looking phone with small battery fo... more

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