Acer Predator 8

Acer Predator 8

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  • Billwin

AnonD-441601, 18 Nov 2015Where's GPU??? A great looking phone with small battery fo... moreHi. Not exactly hard to find out is it. I mean your on the internet yeah? It actually states it on the in the news article linked to this entry as well. But for your convenience.... As per practically all Intel chips for very many years the CPU has onboard GPU. In the case if this Atom chip its an 8th generation intelHD GPU, 16 execution units (cores I guess) with a base frequency of 200mhz and a burst speed of 600mhz... For a tablet that's a pretty hefty GPU.

The chip itself, compared to the desktop PC world is not epic by any stretch if the imagination, but according to Passmarks CPU benchmark list it ranks just ever so slightly behind the 1st generation Core i3 chips. So again, for an android tablet, that's pretty damn powerful I would suggest.

  • deee333

Can it play coc?

  • AnonD-441601

Where's GPU???
A great looking phone with small battery for its size but i dont see any graphic chipset.
How this nice and expensive piece of junk running newest games and and other apps, requiring GPU. I.E. Graphic card.

  • Anonymous

Specs are not so great that's sad

  • Yhien

Looking at the specs... Is it really a gaming tablet??


arcy, 17 Nov 2015when will they release the predator 6? i think never, they know they dont have the best screen and battery and so for that is trowing the predator 6 as far as they can because is worthless.

I am intressed in that too but for the long it takes to release the phone and launch it to the markets i think i will buy other phone! this phone dont worth the wait.

  • arcy

when will they release the predator 6?

  • mac

8 incher with full hd res and only 4420mah batt? you'll gonna have to charge it more often