alcatel Idol 2 Mini

alcatel Idol 2 Mini

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  • AnonD-321497

AnonD-170878, 14 Oct 2014Hey guys/girls! Just wanted to know how the phone works. I dont ... moreThis phone is right for you. I use this phone for the same things 2 week and it is fast, stable, and battery is very good. I am very satisfy. Camera is actually very nice and you can install egg camera360 or some other app for better pics.

  • AnonD-321497

how to change color of led notification from WHITE to egg RED?

  • Joe

Camera, battery & display are just ridiculously low quality. Not a bad phone apart from that. Cheers

  • miodrag

how to change color of led identification?

  • AnonD-170878

Hey guys/girls! Just wanted to know how the phone works. I dont actualy play high rated games on my phone i mostly need it for FB, skype, viber googling stuff... I need it to be "reliable" (more then this sony junker i have) and would need the battery to last atleast 12h and have "usable" GPS. Ye what is "bad" camera in actuality ? Worse then Xperia Ray ?

  • my optional nickname

I've got this phone just over a month now and I'm quite satisfied with it. I got it for 60 euro with a 2 year 6 euro/month contract, including data.
Its not a power horse for sure, but only game that lags a little bit is GTA SA, though its still quite playable. Everything else works absolutely brilliant, including Modern Combat 4, Nova 3, Call of Duty and so on.
I face no problems with camera/display/battery. I guess they could be better, compared to those 500 euro phones like S4/S5, but thats not the case. Compared to my old Nokia 5230, this phone is fantastic. Display is quite visible in direct sunlight. Battery would carry you a day or two, depending on what you are doing with it.
With average of 10 min talk/ 3g on/ wifi off/ 30 min browsing/ 30 min games per 24h it consumes around 40% battery.
Downsides are:
-not perfect build quality- volume up is harder to press than volume down and the corpus of the phone is veeery slightly curved. A non perfectionist wouldnt see the last one though...
-hard to find protector and case. though display is scratch resistant with japaneese glass, its still not 100% proofed.
Still, if i have to make the decision weather to buy this model today, i would definitely do so.

  • hassan

its good mobile and fast in normal useing and the camera is so nice under the sun,when i talk to my friend in chat camera they not believe the clear cam,and said what kind you use of mobile..Alcatel idol 2 mini i said...

  • Sam

If u don't care bout camera, Screen & Battery life
then definitely it is a good phone but if u do care then I'd recommend the s4 mini

  • AnonD-293987

this phone is so good i love it buy it

  • Sm

Really poor camera & screen resolution. Battery is just horrible

  • mohamed holiel

bad resolution camera for image and video , me and my friend Are not satisfied , It seems it's a problem in this release

  • Nabil

igoldfinger, 05 Sep 2014Did anyone know when will be released update on Kit Kat for this... moreinform us when you upgrade­load/idol_2_mini.html

  • Nabil

anybody tried this to upgrade to 4.4.3 ?­load/idol_2_mini.html

  • AnonD-135809

dual sim has no external slot
I noticed after i bought it :(

  • Mohamed Youssef

I bought this phone .. it has a 1.2 GHz quad core processor with ARM cortex A7 chipset, Ardneo 305 GPU.

  • Amir

where can i find the external memory cad slot?

  • igoldfinger

Did anyone know when will be released update on Kit Kat for this idol 2 mini?

  • Ahmed zain

This phone in already on in Egypt but i want any one already used it to inform us about performance and quality

  • AnonD-297558

Where did you buy the Phone? Because I've been searching everywhere and I can't find any site that sells it, no shops either.

  • Joe

Works like charming, great performance fair battery backup.