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alcatel Idol 4s

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  • Rafal
  • ps{
  • 08 Mar 2017

Hello. Will goggles from Idol 4 fit Idol 4s? Are those goggles the same size and are they using tha same attachement?

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    • Aadrian
    • 3YQ
    • 14 Feb 2017

    teacher006, 17 Nov 2016I bought my Idol 4s Windows 10 phone on November 11th so i ... moreGood review

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      • AnonD-634499
      • y$9
      • 18 Jan 2017

      Alcatel Idol 4S comes with Android 6.0 and Fingerprint Sensor on the rear, am i right ??
      Is this device avaibable on South East Asia ??

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        • MAC
        • KSt
        • 24 Nov 2016

        Is it available in India?

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          • teacher006
          • rgw
          • 17 Nov 2016

          I bought my Idol 4s Windows 10 phone on November 11th so i have only had it a few days, but as of now I can say I love it. My 2 previous phones were LG G4 and Samsung Note 3, 2 high end phones. Both run Android. Both are quality phones that take great pictures. The Idol 4S also takes great pictures. I had read a review on the web that says it does not take good low light pictures so I put it to the test with some outdoor Christmas lights at a mall. Althought it was only 20 shots I was very impressed with the quality. I also had the LG Stylo and I returned it because it takes terrible low light pictures. There is simply no comparison between the 2 phone's pictures. The front selfie camera takes great shots too.

          This is a very elegant phone. Extremely polished front and back. I think it is much more beautiful than the Note 3 or Lg G4. This phone is also extremely fast. Every thing opens very quick. I don't use a lot of apps but Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flipboard, and pandora all work fast and smooth. The call quality and signal strength are outstanding. The call volume is very good too. The exterior speakers are very loud, much more than the G4, it has been a while since I had the Note 3 so I can't compare it the Idol 4S. When ever I would put my G4 on speaker phone I could barely hear it not so with the Idol, loud and clear.

          It does have a SD card slot built in with the sim card tray. I added 64 GB card so with the 64 GB the phone comes with, it gives me lots of storage.

          Pros of the phone:
          *only $469 from T-mobile compared to $769 for the Edge or I-Phone 7
          *it is beautiful
          *21 MP camera back, 8 MP front camera, it takes great pictures
          *better than average call quality
          *loud exterior speakers
          *SD card slot
          *64 GB of phone memory
          *4 GB of ram
          *large responsive screen

          Cons of the phone as I see it:
          *the back of the phone does not come off.
          *Windows store has a much more limited supply of apps but the ones I've tried seem to work the way they are meant to. So check the store and see if they have the apps you need and use before you commit to it.
          *the back of the phone is glass but that makes it beautiful, how durable it will be is yet to be determined. Buy a good case for insurance.
          *many of the Zedge notifications and ringtones I transfered from my G4 don't seem to work, I'm not sure why. The ones I get from Windows Zedge work fine.

          Hope this helps anyone interested in this phone. I'm not a sales person or representative just a tech junkie. I love Windows 10, Linux and Android. Sorry never used I-phone but my son loves his.

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            • Jeff
            • w4j
            • 13 Nov 2016

            Conufes, 10 Nov 2016Didn't they just release a superphone with Windows 10?Yeah but its specs are way different from normal Idol 4S. It has much more powerful Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage, it has 21 megapixel camera, finger-print scanner and has USB Type-C port for Continuum support.
            It may look same as Idol 4S but its components and specifications are completely different.

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              • AnonD-608778
              • JF8
              • 11 Nov 2016

              Conufes, 10 Nov 2016Didn't they just release a superphone with Windows 10?Yes

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                • Conufes
                • m{7
                • 10 Nov 2016

                Didn't they just release a superphone with Windows 10?

                  Anonymous, 12 Oct 2016" Best smartphone of MWC 2016 Nominees: LG G5, Samsung Gal... moreDisagreed.The list is lacking HTC 10,Sony XZ and Huawei P9.Plus the Mi 5 wasn't included.

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                    • AnonD-348650
                    • 0cW
                    • 02 Nov 2016

                    They Idol 4s is a great phone. Even better with windows. Updated internals for windows 10.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • pXy
                      • 01 Nov 2016

                      Anonymous, 28 Oct 2016Mine has 24 GB of memory, CPU is 652 - which has 2x A72 (no... more652 has 4xA72 . the 24gb is 32gb minus the OS

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                        • Anonymous
                        • CWd
                        • 28 Oct 2016

                        Mine has 24 GB of memory, CPU is 652 - which has 2x A72 (not 4x as stated in spec above)

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                          • ZEN
                          • uZ9
                          • 27 Oct 2016

                          Anonymous, 12 Oct 2016" Best smartphone of MWC 2016 Nominees: LG G5, Samsung Gal... moreNOPE SORRY MI5 NOT INCLUDED

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                            • ras pnf
                            • r3H
                            • 20 Oct 2016

                            nice phone ever from alcatel with good specs

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                              • Anonymous
                              • pXy
                              • 12 Oct 2016

                              " Best smartphone of MWC 2016
                              Nominees: LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Xiaomi Mi 5 and Alcatel Idol 4S ". Agreed :)

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                                • Arif
                                • KcQ
                                • 11 Oct 2016

                                This is very good

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                                  • KMB877
                                  • Y7c
                                  • 26 Sep 2016

                                  Billokay, 23 Sep 2016The VR gear is subpar. The apps that come with it are nowhe... moreHi, get the American version of ZTE Axon 7. Will work great all over Europe too!

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                                    • Billokay
                                    • FHE
                                    • 23 Sep 2016

                                    The VR gear is subpar. The apps that come with it are nowhere near the quality of samsung. Basically it is an fancy google cardboard and I thought that cardboard worked much better.
                                    I returned the phone because the EU version does not have a fingerprint sensor, which is a dealbreaker for me. I would have kept it otherwise.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • pXy
                                      • 21 Sep 2016

                                      Idol 4 S has 3.6 watt jbl speakers. I think Alcatel made a wrong move selling this with the VR headset and the JBL earphones instead of making it 299$ because ppl dont realise what they get for this price. Even at 400, its a better phone than axon 7, op3.... Compact, beautifull design, amazing screen an sound ( I read reviews about low nits, but in auto, it overides to more than 600 nits in direct sunlight, the best screen under sunlight I ever had).
                                      Keep in mind the 820 need more battey and it costs only 20$ more.

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                                        • tsabes
                                        • 3dA
                                        • 21 Sep 2016

                                        Hi GSM Arena, I'd like to see a full review of this phone.