alcatel OT-806

alcatel OT-806

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  • marsie

NISHANT, 22 Jun 2012worst phone i ever purchased. dont buy it ... i have thrown... moreI need help with my alcatel sound incomeing calls and outgoing plz guys its a lovely phne

  • Anonymous

PLEASE HELP, 14 Jul 2014Help! Iv recieved a pic from some one i havent heard from i... moreGot it to work!

It's unlikely that anyone else made the same mistake, but if they did, to fix:
type: *#364463#
then click:
"gprs act" >
"1st PDP" >
"Activate PDP" >
"PDP Context 31"
it will say "success" Then in the "gprs act" menu press "Attach" after few seconds it will say "success" and now mms should work again!
don't mess with these settings again :)


Help! Iv recieved a pic from some one i havent heard from in a long time that wont download and it says it will auto delete on 21st july.

I got mms working no problem at first but now it doesn't work, cant download or send when i could before.

All stopped after i used *#364463# went to "gprs act" and clicked "attach" by mistake.

What does this do? how can i fix this so i can send and recieve mms again?

  • Anonymous

Is there a bluetooth controller that work on this device to play java games?

  • AnonD-211705

inid the battrey am in Africa Kenya
where can iget.thanx

  • mahi

is there any application like shazam for this type of mobile?

  • russel

simplydifferent, 19 Feb 2012how do you watch youtube movies?it says "connection fa... morewhen i want to watch movies on you tube,the response on the screen reads,connection failed.

  • Arun

Prvn, 19 Feb 2013Its touch not working. now dis phone is useless.. what to d... moreEven Iam facing the same concern.............TOUCH not Working any suggestions......????

  • tony

Patrick, 30 Mar 2013Why my alcatel ot 806d can't play youtube and downloded videoMenu-Settyng-Conectivity-URL Streaming:
Add: -Wi-fii:name:-wifii
proxy no use
server proxy no
port proxy 30000
UDP inferior: 2120
UDP superior: 10000
And save! To sim card on Acount date change to your sim

  • Abu swalha

I want to download whatsapp but i dont know the problem

  • Joco

How to change from mobile view to pc view on opera? Help pls

  • Anonymous

I have a 160-character limit only both when SMS-ing and even when emailing on the Internet. How do I override this character limit?

  • sushobhan

when i open my operamini software in my alcatel always first ask to install. plz answer me what should i do to fix this problem and also mension how can i update my phone...

  • Experience

This phone... Really sucks, my WiFi isn't working now. It has bad audio formats. LOL

  • Patrick

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2011it can play any video on youtube and also u can use wifi fo... moreWhy my alcatel ot 806d can't play youtube and downloded video

  • Pk

Can any help me where can I purchase online a spare or compatible battery for this phone in india.
I have tried in local market and searched in various site but failed.
Please help me if any body has an Idea.

  • Biggiebeil

I guess you guys are right , i not see this phone in my country here , but did you try QT-903 ??

  • Prvn

Its touch not working. now dis phone is useless.. what to do please help me...??????

  • Anonymous

i can not play with this phone why?

  • Morgan

I love the phone but where do I get the spares, I have one that needs some new battery & housing.
Please help!!!!!!!