alcatel OT-806

alcatel OT-806

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  • supper

Stated standby and talk time don't seem right.Too good to be true please varify.Saw 450h standby and 6.5h talk time somewhere on the net could that be it???

  • Anonymous

great mobile we are waiting for it in Egypt we want it as soon as possible and alcatel is improving and introducing great mobile phones this year. go on alcatel

  • LUIS

we´re waiting for this phone in México, and if the OT-806 is the middle of good than OT-800.....the OT-806 y a great phone!!!

  • 007

this is a beautifull phone. I want one please sent this phone to my country quikly....dominican republic

  • Anonymous

I really like Alcatel phones, but why almost all of them have 2MPx cameras. This one has everything: qwerty keyboard, touchscreen, except the camera. Would 3.15mpx camera with autofocus make this phone too expensive?

  • b

Don, 09 Mar 2010Alcatel is improving, but they still need to bring these ph... moreI Agree

  • Venom

Don, 18 Feb 2010Extremely useful phone with large screen and Wifi. Does it ... morei think this is just a java phone

  • Don

Alcatel is improving, but they still need to bring these phones to the market as soon as possible..

  • Mahmoud

Alcatel is going back forcefully this year.Go Go Alcatel

  • reJAM

Wow at last!!! Alcatel has already muscled-up their phone's connectivity features by adding up WI-FI and 3G!!! Great job Alcatel, I think I will be going back with you!

  • Serge

Good job Alcatel, great design, good spec´s.
Launched at the correct price will be a sales success in emerging markets

  • Bart

WOOOOW !!!! Alcatel has the winner phone on every 3-4 years , great job Alcatel. No disadvantages for this phone by me :)

  • Don

Extremely useful phone with large screen and Wifi. Does it run on Android or WinMo OS?

  • mendoza


will definitly get one when it is released