alcatel OT-806

alcatel OT-806

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  • Someone

GSMarena, this phone is already being sold, so please change the status from "Coming soon" to "Available".

  • mece

please some player comp. for this mobile thankss

  • angel

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2010can read word doc?Yes (.doc) and (.pdf)

  • Brigitte

Toni, 02 Dec 2010I bought yesterday, hmm, what to say, looks great, the touc... moreHi Toni, where did you buy this GSM? I want to buy this GSM for my son (it is on his Christmas list) and I did not yet find a store where I can buy it.


  • Bart

Did anyone noticed the low volume on the speakerphone i mean not the loudspeaker but the speaker from what you listen while you are talking on the phone , even on max. volume still its very very quiet.
Also the microphone is with low sensitivity you have to speak loud for the others to hear you , if you are outside crossing the street or something like that you are not going to hear anything also the one you are talking with will note hear you at all.
Any explanation about this low speaker and mic.???

  • Anonymous

I own this phone. I it is a basic qwerty phone with wifi. this is not a smartphone. So people should not look for smartphone capabilities to this phone. You get what you pay for with this phone. :) by the way, it is dual sim.

  • son

Toni, 02 Dec 2010I bought yesterday, hmm, what to say, looks great, the touc... moredoes it have a included micro SD card when you purchase this phone???

  • son

this phone is now available in pampanga region (philippines) for the price of P5,999 pesos. sold at robinsons starmills, sm pampanga, nepo mall, and jenra mall in angeles city. affordable wi-fi phone!

  • Thomas

Skype mobile does not work with it, but the phone comes with an IM client called Palringo, which can be connected to your Gtalk (gmail's im service, free) or Facebook chat accounts (plus yahoo messenger...etc)
The client can even transmit sound and video using the phone's cam, so yes: Find a free Wifi hotspot and you can talk freely, althought not with skype

  • Anonymous

can read word doc?

  • Toni

I bought yesterday, hmm, what to say, looks great, the touch don't work so well, you should press hard to select the function, but for those money, its awesome ;) BIG LIKE

  • son

opus175, 29 Nov 2010this unit being sold in the Philippines is priced attractiv... morewhere is it being sold? and much is it in peso?

  • pepi

if it possible to install skype on this phone, to speak free when it is connected to internet.

  • mac

micky, 29 Nov 2010Phone is coming soon I hope it will justify the expectation... moreThis phone has already in mobile shops on vip

  • micky

Phone is coming soon I hope it will justify the expectations, Macedonia

  • louise

When will this phone be available in UK or even Ireland?! Need to know ASAP guys :D

  • opus175

this unit being sold in the Philippines is priced attractively, however, i wished it was at least tri-band or even quadband. This unit is only dual band, which is the downside of the unit. Otherwise, the specs seem very competitively marketed.

  • Bart

Best phone ever , very cheap (100 euro) huge touch screen,enough memory max. supported,great sound from the speaker, qwerty keyboard,very fast WiFi, you can put everything on the desktop icons from the menu music player calendar weather everything you want you can put on desktop like icons and gadgets and you can scroll the desktop in all directions,very good built in software like opera browser facebook and twitter apps. its obvious that if you want nokia or SE with this specifications you will have to pay at least 300 euro.
p.s. battery is also great it lasts for three days for me with approx. 1.5 hour talk time per day,1-2 hours listening radio and mp3 and meaningless scrolling trough the menu :)

  • Bart

does anybody knows will this phone support skype,msn or any other voip app. or should i ask what OS will this phone have ???

  • Andy

when do you think that this phone will be in Sri Lanka the latest