alcatel OT-916

alcatel OT-916

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  • Anonymous

Urm i have this phone and its definitely a 5 megapixel phone. Can i ask if anyone can help me with the now memory though

  • courage_h

nikky_hectorslide CO, 06 May 2013please help me. my internal memory is now very low. i don't know... moreyeah i hope i could help but i also have that same problem. hope someone has the solution to this problem. i also need it like seriously

  • courage_h

BNITO, 07 May 2013THE battery is no helpful at all. i cant use the for even a day.... moremine the same. this is serious. at first i thought it was only mine. well seems not


THE battery is no helpful at all. i cant use the for even a day. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabah

  • freaky_dude

at first i thought my phone was completely awful. but now that i have read of some of the problems other guys have, i think mine s better better hold on it.

  • cutting edge

wait a minute..... is this a site where people post their problems and neva get a reply............ COME ON

  • twinky X

my phone gets too hot, i mean way too hot. some times i feel its abnormal. any one has the same problem?

  • spanky W

it seems everyone is talking abt battery and ram space.well its the same here. aaaaaaaahhhh........ this sucks. SERIOUSLY.....

  • nikky_hectorslide CO

please help me. my internal memory is now very low. i don't know what to do. now i cant install any app at all I'd probably end up uninstalling all my existing apps to free up space now. i heard something about rooting, that i can run apps on my SD. is that by any means possibly. and if yes well then how can i do it. there are a heck of apps i wanna download. i have too much space on my SD card but i cant very little space on the internal. pls if rooting is by any means possible pls show me and if not, is there any means by which i can solve this problem? PLEASE............

  • westbrook

the phone is quite fine the problem is that the ram is so small..cant download as many apps as i want..

  • Anonymous

actually its been like half a year since i bought this phone and since then it has not spent a day without the charger, the battery is completely useless. and also the internal memory is also very small its always been giving me the signal that its getting low. i've had to uninstall many apps now but still...... now i'm even forced to uninstall the apps i need the most. i mean this sucks right? i thought on that faithful day i'd made the right choice but it seems not. hmmm..........

  • adil

its low memory &b low ram makes this phone a horrible experience. Its a mesaging phone & not a samrt phone better buy blackberry by extending your budget.

  • kip kip

My phone got locked> I cant unlock the screen after my kid drew wrong pattern severally. I have tried entering the gmail address by cant sign in. Can anyone be of help to me
Can be reached through

  • alphy

the phone is fine bt has the problem of the screen turning to a funny white color and horrible bt when u remove bat and back again it is fine

  • Anne

Can anyone let me know how to down my photos from this phone, can used US cable to plug into laptop & selected mass storage but laptop doesn't appear to be recognising the device (no problems with laptop). have set up phone on laptop as device & this was accepted, don't know where to go from here.....

  • Anonymous

how do you direct storage and download to sd card

  • valerija

dyvbrum, 30 Jan 2013who say that viber and skype wont work...mine work just fine..How you have instaled skype thanks

  • warro

I want to access accelerometer,proximity and compass. Can you show mw how to go about it?

  • visham

josuebolonotto, 06 Feb 2013This phone works perfectly fine. It tends to slow down a bit whe... morehow did u intalled viber?and from which website?

  • Anonymous

teta, 11 Feb 2013the text messages are timestamped correctly but , it isnt ordere... morehey men go to messages press options and select group by sender