alcatel OT-916

alcatel OT-916

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  • teta

the text messages are timestamped correctly but , it isnt ordered correctly, anyone experiencing the same issue? thanks

  • josuebolonotto

This phone works perfectly fine. It tends to slow down a bit when RAM memory is used to the limit, but it can go back to a high speed performance when you kill some taks or close some apps. While camera is not the best, it works fine and it includes a flash. Some say skype and viber are not supported by this phone, but I have installed whatsapp, facebook, facebook messenger, viber, twitter, instagram, the Bible, scoremobile, and two or three games, and they all work perfectly fine. This is a great phone if you want a cheap smartphone. It includes android 2.3 gingerbread wich is a good OS. I totally recommend it...

  • dyvbrum

who say that viber and skype wont work...mine work just fine..

  • Keke

i fine this phone will be the best just for me

  • erick

This is nice for the price..ofcourse viber and skype wont work here bcaz of internal memory is only 150mb but for the price it is worthy enough. If you wnt gud specs u need to spend more guys!

  • Adil

Phone is really great but low internal memory of 150 MB has limited the no. of application you can put & apart from that single core 600 MHz processor is further spoiling the fun. Well in one way its the best blackberry dual sim alternative money can buy.

  • marcuspoleern

Quackdr, 06 Dec 2012We're still waiting for your update on your perceived problem bc... moreAccdg to viber tech support, viber app isnt compatible with this phone. I have tried multiple times to install and run viber app with no luck. It will just crash.

Battery life: i am not using 3G signal and for normal use it will last 24h+. Occasional 3G surfing plus call and text plus music/radio wil give you 8-18 hrs at least. I havent tries heavy calls or text so i presume it will give you 12hrs maybe.

My suggestion, if you need a backup/secondary phone you can consider this one. I have my Galaxy Note as my primary but due to security reason i use this phone as my primary. For call, text, web, music, and fm this phone will satisfy you. App wise and a snap functionality (esp. If you need to immediately dial a number to save it in your contacts) FAIL. Pressing the keys for a number will give you at least 3-4 seconds before the number dial screen will appear.

Bugs: when you turn on the wifi, even though you are not logged in to your facebook, it will sync your facebook album that will conaumeuour memory- will result to a slow loading and you cant open your gallery as it will crash. If you dont set up your facebook, a prompt will pop out occupying the entire screen and if you press back, it will lead you to the home screen and you will need to relaunch the app you were using before the fb set up prompt. Quite annoying as it will insiat time and time again. Why i did, i set up my fb and signed put and never uses the fb app. I use opera mini for my fb browsing.

I cant let go of this phone for since i need a dual sim phone. I am satisfied with the batt life and call quality. Im inlove with the sound quality of thia phone. But i really hate the fact that it has a smartphone functionality.

Soon i will just go with blackberry for a qwerty and office use. Retain my galaxy note for entertainment. And use my old nokia x1 for backup. I just hope blackberry will have instagram as this app is my life plus mp3, fb, twitter, and calls/sms of course. By the way, im rooting for blackbwrry bold 9900 (touch type)

Oh. Maybe you will ask me why i nwes to opt with multiple phones. Since 1998 i have owned a mobile phone. I have realized now that a smart phone with all-in feature is great. But you dont need to bring your charger always as the apps and all will drain your phone's batt.

  • paul lee

dyvbrum, 12 Dec 2012can you play MP3 tru bluetooth with this phone? Please help...yes. I uses motorola mono headset before. Now im using nokia stereo headset.

  • AnonD-96696

Had this phone 6 months and in all honesty, wouldn't recommend at all. For first month or two, didnt experience any problems and for £50, was quite impressed. However, 5 months on and I have a whole host of problems, for a start, the phone is stuck in safe mode and have tried everything to get rid of it, but nothings worked. Safe mode blocks any external apps working, so the whole android aspect has completely gone. secondly it has become INCREDIBLY slow. normally takes 30 seconds plus to switch on, plus the Facebook and other apps just crash when I try to use it. Thirdly, the keyboard has also stopped working. Every time I use the E,S,P,G or C key, the phone uses this as some kind of link to phone apps, such as email, contacts... etc. This makes it impossible to text. My last problem is that every now and then, when I try to use the last remaining bastion of working processes on the phone, the contacts list (so I can call), the phone will take 4-5 times of pressing the icon until it eventually loads up, meaning from being off to making a call, that can be up to 2-3 minutes. so basically its just a glorified basic mobile phone. Only good comment I can make is that it's relatively quick at charging, but that would be the only positive comment I could make. Would struggle to give it 1 star, but I think that's the lowest to possibly rate it.

  • AnonD-77982

AnonD-89300, 17 Dec 2012Can anyone please tell whether the screen is resistive or capaci... moreCapasitive

I might going to buy this phone as a second phone, touchscreen + qwerty hardware keypad is a nice combination This phone is friendly priced as well. Is it a good choice? How about using internet through wifi? Is it slow/fast? Does this phone lags?

  • AnonD-89300

Can anyone please tell whether the screen is resistive or capacitive touch?

  • dyvbrum

can you play MP3 tru bluetooth with this phone? Please help...

  • Quackdr

Really liked this fone and sought in the mall today unfortunately viber really doesn't work on here which i really need. Hope they can do something on this.

  • AnonD-62346

Can this unit play a music through blue tooth headset?

  • teta

how do i turn off dictionary, ive already gone thru the setting and unchecked autocorrect misspelled words, it still does the same thing, anyone here h knows? thanks

  • AnonD-62346

Php5999 @ Alcatel store nationwide

  • Quackdr

AnonD-12723, 15 Aug 2012Great phone. Just got mine last night. Very good sound quality b... moreWe're still waiting for your update on your perceived problem bcoz, me too likes this phone, but i want to be updated on the following problems, as you've mentioned:
-cannot install viber
-battery time

  • quackdr

AnonD-12723, 15 Aug 2012Great phone. Just got mine last night. Very good sound quality b... moreIm planning to buy this phone soon, kindly inform us now if the problem with the viber installation exists or you've already found the solution. thnks

  • Nana

I really want to buy this phone but i would want to know if there is any test to show am really buying a genuine alcatel or a fake one.