alcatel OT-S853

alcatel OT-S853

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  • Markus

what about the quality of the body and the keys? is it good?

  • koustov

Please, send me some photos at !!!

  • Anonymous

send some videos and pictures please.can this phone connect to recular speakers?

  • Chilliem

What do you say about the size? is it very thick? on the pictures it looks very thick!

Yes i want to have some pictures and video samples, this would be great! thank you!

  • mnazam

Gsmarena, please correct this, the phone is available, but maybe not in Europe, at least I already bought it in Malaysia. There is search function for name almost similar as nokia phone. Scroll one line up after you click option to view/edit name.
According to manual, you can record video up to 10 minutes in memory cards, but I still can't figure out how to do it. Now only 30 seconds. For video and mp3 files, you can put as much as you want, limited to memory card capacity.
For those who wants sample picture or video, plese include your email address in your comment.
Lastly, regretfully I have to hand over this phone to my brother, as he's the who send money for me to buy the phone. What a nice phone, for now I have to stick with my OT735.

  • Anonymous

they specs. says that this has videotone. Now how is that?

  • Markus

I think it will be released in march in belgium, then it will be released in most european markets.

  • Tamer elsockary

I didn't buy nor seen it but by reading these comment i think it's a real great phone but suffering from bad bluetooth connectivity

  • ANT

Yeah, peoples who already bought this phone, please make some photos for us! ;)

  • to lastone

pleaze upload pictures and videos from ot 853 to there no limit for mp3 or videos and games?

  • mnazam

just bought this phone from Digital SK, 1 st floor low yat for 1099, package includes 128mb mini sd c/w adapter, earphone and remote control cum microphone

best this about this phone, the speaker sound so nice and loud, the bass no so loud but treble is nice. downside is the bluetooth, I tried to connect with 6230, but neither phones can detect each other. the 6230 also fail to send any file to this phone. BT definitely can't be used to send file to computer, only through usb and IRDA. software provided is ok, except for video, which limited to few minutes only. But the video very clear and smooth, but the sound not as good. Best video converter tried so far avs video converter 4.3. You can convert many type of videos to 3gp and mp4 for any length, but don't ask me for the serial number. many more comments, but next time.

  • nairda

Bought this phone. The speakers are great! Match with w800. Bluetooth is not good, still trying, cannot detect others phone BT while other can detect mine. and you can't set ur own name and password in the BT setting. Cannot set individual ringtone, can only set ringtone to directory folders. These sucks!

  • Han

The overall of this phone is good especially it's sound. Sad thing that it cannot transfer data using bluetooth and infrared only for sending data but not receiving. Hope alcatel will enable the function later.

  • Masoud

Hi Friend:
Can anybody tell me is its BlueTooth suit for connecting to other mobile phone like Nokia,SE,...?

  • Anonymous

I wait this fone for 4 months and just yesterday I bought Nokia N70, why u know

  • Anonymous

about 3250 eek

  • Azm

Guys go get it at Digital SK 1st Floor Lowyat
I'm going to buy the phone tomoorow. See you there. peace!!!!!!!

  • irene

hi, can anyone tell me where can i get this phone? or any other shops in kl? btw..heard the BLUETOOTH isnt that good..but can it receive stuff thru bluetooh from others?

  • riz

hows the phone? is it true the speakers sounds better than the w550i? how bout the bass? if it is, im going to trade in my w550i for this one next month!

  • Vlado

I calculated that RM1099 is about 245Euro! This is a great price! When it come to Bulgaria I will bye it imediatly. Tell me please how are the menus of the phone. How do u charge the battery? througt the USB or where u put the hands free? How is the joystik. When u connect it to the computer, does the flash apears as a removeable drive? How is the display? I am really interested in that phone!!! please if any one know the anwsers of the questinos to write them here or send me a e-mail.

10x. Vlado Raev