alcatel OT-S853

alcatel OT-S853

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  • warp

343 Euro? Plus 90Euro shipping to my country... this is ridiculous

  • ebenezer

thank you

  • Anonymous

Yeah... sound OT-S853 better than W800 and all new SE or MOTO Rokr. Sound OT-S853 is the best in this time. Realy....

  • Lucien

to anyone who has this phone, just wondering, is the sound quality really much better than that of say a SE W800? i mean the W800 sounds pretty good to me, but with these speakers, is there a whole lot of difference?

  • warp

I want it outside of France

  • linkin

check your link, 404 error.

ive been waiting on this fone for months. gosh. wats wrong with Alcatel? they make 1 fone every 2 years or wat?

  • warp

Guys! Look at this page.. the phone was added today! So u can already buy it in france­hp?products_id=1237

  • myth

does this phone have usb port because the specification didn't show it?

  • Man

I've got it. Such a good one for the first time for Alcatel/TCL. The MP3 player is efficient, the FM radio too. The Camera looks good enougth for quick shots.

  • jason

This is crazy... all of these great phones coming soon... what the heck does that mean? I am so tired of waiting. Im sure the phone is just sitting in a warehouse somewhere just waiting. N91, this phone I300X come one lets get out s$#!% straight!!!

  • 757

buy 757 then.great camera and MP3 ringtones

  • Azm

This is such a pity for this great ( supposed to be!) phone. I am looking for this phone as my potential 5th alcatel phone , but maybe I have to change to other brand once my great 735 died.

  • adrian

sorry alcatel, u just made me take the decision, i bought the rocker, soon, you´re gonna lose ur clients, then you better hurry up man

  • yee

its true, there is no S853 in stock, but they ship it in 4-6 weeks. hopefully!

  • koustov

It's a pity, but there is no S853 in Hungary. The date at the end of the page is the date when the catalogue was updated.

  • warp

i dont believe yee..
but really alcatel are in big trouble if they dont release the phone this month. Alcatel wake up! We've been waiting for this phone lotta time! I dont have patience anymore.. Ill wait till the end of this month, and if u dont release it im gonna buy the new stylish V3i. That's it

  • joaquim

this phone is very fast, and i like