alcatel OT-S853

alcatel OT-S853

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  • Markus

219 !? I hope in the other european countries it will be this cheap too. In west-europe available from march. confirmed by tcl

  • yee

RELEASED!! in Hungary Available! 219EUR/U$262 from 20thJAN'06

  • Anonymous

Thank you for your interets in our Alcatel products.As far as your request is concerned, we inform you that this model will be available by

the three coming monthes in your country .

Thank you for the contact.

Very truly yours,


OT-S853, Indonesia waiting for you!!! and for Alcatel Mania Indonesia, please join with us at
---ALMANIA = Alcatel Mania Indonesia---

  • Anonymous

the color changed?
i prefer old design... got silver color

anyway, is the screen big? how many inchs?

  • Robert

It's magnificent mobile phone. It should be release in Indonesia as soon as possible. I Can't wait launch at Jakarta city..the sound is fantastic.

Robert / Jakarta-Indonesia

  • Chilliem

Oh common this cannot be true!! :((
Protel has delayed the availability Date for that Phone to March 2006 !!
Now i have to buy another phone....
It`s a pity...... :(

  • Anonymous

please Alcatel! release it in Malaysia at the end of this month,don't keep me wait until march.I can't help waiting for it any more.

  • N&N

To Markus

according to the announcement of the official dealer in Saudi Arabia , the phone will be released at the end of this month

  • happy clam

this design is Fabbbbbb! i'd give the design 9.5 .. very attractive.. + the speakers look really loud n clear.. really wish to try on dis phone

  • Markus

Is there any official statement about the release in europe? Every date ive got were from other sources and always delayed. There is no information and the Website isnt up, too. This totally sucks!!!!

  • madrid

Just look the options! Alcatel is always teo steps ahead then other big companies - Nokia, Samsung , Motorola and Sony ericsson!!!!

  • Chilliem sells it from end of January!
There is an auktion that you can buy it for 279 till 31.3.2006 so they have to be very sure that it will be available on 25.January.
I Hope so and i`m soooo glad that the bluetooth seems to be fully functional! :)

  • apple

yup, its the best sounding phone ever (better than my nokia 6270).

also guys, the phone comes with a 128 mb mini SD card. the bluetooth works perfectly. i have been transferring from my nokia 6270 to it.

enjoying the ot-2853 here in beijing.

  • iwan

right now... and for five years future...
the sound of OT-S853 is THE BEST, comparing with all SE, Moto, Siemens, etc..
Also the picture (on display) 1.3 MP at Alcatel better than 2 MP at SE, Moto, Siemens, etc.

  • Don

the site is pulled off again!

  • adrian

hellllllll no, i wont wait anymore, they better release it this week or they can come kiss my a@@ , i have been waiting lots, then i dont wnat to hold anymore, i gotta get moto rokr anywayz bothare surround stereo the only difference is infrared, camera, Itunes and the flash! huh, first phone they do really freakin good, and its takin more than a year to release it theyre kindof retard i swear

  • vivian

unless they do a major change with the UI, and improve it drastically.. this phone isn't gonna sell lots (or if its gonna be really really cheap). The non-centered ok button looks weird.. and wouldn't the side keys be easily pressed, accidentally when using the phone?

  • Anonymous

at they changed the date of release into 17/03/2006(first: 25/01/2006) Whats up Alcatel/TCL?
Hope Bluetooth will be full-functional at release Date. The waiting becomes a real nightmare!

  • Timmy

Man, Alcatal have come out with somthing new and very cool. I will look forward for it turning up in NZ. not that i will buy it, Alcatel in NZ has been rubbish so far.