alcatel OT-S853

alcatel OT-S853

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  • hi

waiting for the advance features of alcatel...3G!!

  • P910

the design is like the aura of P900 and P910 of sony ericsson.
it will surely be wanted by a lot of mobile lovers because of its great features.
cheers to alcatel for finally having a card slot, bluetooth, edge, megapixel camera and a lot of modern features.

  • Anonymous

this is definitely the ultimate mobile phone with stereo sounds, memory card slot, bluetooth, edge, 262k color display and a lot more.
i am eagerly awaiting for its arrival here in manila, philippines.
nokia is so slow to adjust to its features compared to sony ericsson and now the alcatel.
alcatel had great features with its alcatel ot735. i love that phone. but i am currently using n6600. i also love this phone but i want that super music phone alcatel ot-s853.
alcatel is fast becoming a power in the mobile phone world. this is the beginning of the alcatel rise to stardom.

  • Blockbuster

To everyone who was wonderıng. EDGE ıs an abbrevıatıon for advanced GPRS. It ıs used to make hıgh speed data connectıons and to connect to the ınternet much faster than you would wıth normal GPRS. Waıtıng for your questıons.

  • A.A.Tay

Hi freinds:
Please go to b.m. addresse to see the new PDA has been announced by TCL/ALCATEL for end of this month.­851&Bid=67

  • Anonymous

naruto why you think 6230i is better than S853 ??? alcatel have STERO suround The advantages against all rivals now !!!

  • naruto

this is better than 7610 but 6230i is better than this.


i juz wanna to ask that n 7610 is more good or this hp more good...

  • Anonymous



commn...... launch as soon as possible am very eager to know the price

  • ME

Wow is this Alcatel because is one of the best phones i ever seen but pitty that does not have touchscreen
PS: how much cost

  • antoni

its me again....
once more... wowwwwww!
tweter and bas speaker? and suround sound?
i love music in my mobile phone'
come to papa baby......

  • antoni

i like this mobile phone'

  • zza

dont forget the miniSD slot up to 1 GB !!!!!

  • skhfvclkzsd

10 mb for a 1.3 mega pixel cam.. thats quite small!

  • khan

This is finally a phone from Alcatel which is capable of competing with the best in its class. Alcatel is known for robust phones with long battery life. Add to this some stunning features of this phone, you get the perfect recipe.

  • Lean

i don't know why this phone not support 3G. because every one is started to use 3G phone now. if this phone can support 3G, it will be a perfect phone for now!

  • Den

It seemed to me that this device should be made of rubber. Photo on this site shows this but it is an optical illusion. Other cites with photos from CEBIT indicated that this mobile phone like a cheapest Chinese calculator with transparent buttons and uneven their backlight. I am disappointed.

  • masab

great phone over all but it does not support MPEG4 format. i am very waiting very anxiously fot this phone.
design is wow... wonderful
when this phone will lanch in markets.

  • sigh

August is news yet about this phone...