alcatel OT-S853

alcatel OT-S853

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  • Anonymous

He got it from, its true alcatel is leaving the mobile market


Hey "Alcatel Leaves mobile market"???!!!,
You have a lot of information (abaut A L C A T E L Co.)that i did not hear before!!!.... yes! i am one of the A L C A T E L iran branch office employee & i didn't hear those lies before.....can you tell how did you get those information?....and please tall us that you work for which company?.....

  • Alcatel leaves Mobil

Alcatel Leaves Mobile Division.

Alcatel sells its share in TCL&Alcatal Mobile Phones SAS joint venture, established in 2004 with China’s company TCL Communication Technology Holdings. Thus the company abandons the mobile phone market. TCL announced, it is about to get 45% share of Alcatel in TCL&Alcatel – that’s Alcatel’s whole share in the joint venture.

When the company was founded in 2004 Alcatel invested $53 million, and TCL - $65 million. Many predicted that this joint venture would be the first step made by Alcatel to leave the mobile phone market. At that time the company had been yielding against competitor’s pressure. The company hoped that the joint venture will help its mobile department to revive. However the hopes didn’t come true, last year TCL&Alcatel suffered $33 million losses.

Alcatel doesn’t consider the loss of its mobile department crucial, as it took just 5% in the overall sales volume in April 2004.

  • tkjune

I love this one. The design likes OT715, which is my favorite one.

  • Anonymous

The official alcatel page still hasnt introduce this phone...hope it will be there soon..

  • Anonymous

The official alcatel page still hasnt introduce this phone...hope it will be there soon..

  • twoor

Will it have stereo earphones as standard equipment?

  • Anonymous

well portugal that philips has a huge weekness, it has no bluetooth ohh and it had hardly any features, it may have a 2.0 MP camera but thats it, it doesnt even come close to beating the Alcatel S-853 because well the philips phone ur talking about only has a 128x160 pixtle reselution while as the alcatel has a 176x220 pixtle, so im afraid the picture quility on the alcatel is much better;)


Bye, Bye money caming in, no results....
For those who always make fun about philips check out the new philips 960 to see what is a mobile phone....make after your conclusions

  • smsm

i like this mobile phone......i want stel wait

  • twoor

It´s a great phone but can someone tell me whats EDGE?
What about the OS of the 853? is it good?

  • sunny

You will have 35mb memory in box whis phone 8)

  • MAGNet

Alcatel has officially left the mobile phone market... so long!!

  • PhOeNiX

There is a remote control & additional keys on the side of phone, to ease Mp3 playback...

  • Anonymous

This phone looks awesome!!!!!! The features are nice!! if there was a flash it would be perfect!

  • best

yea,i tried that and i found this superb phone.But have to wait for a few more months...

  • Anonymous

this phone has the most features. if you use the Phone Finder and select all the options to the highest (polyphonic on 64 channels) except the ones that affect the brand and Os and stuff, this is the only one that is found. the SE K750, W800 and D750 are the other ones if you select EDGE as "It doesnt matter".

  • Anonymous

this i a cool fone but i dont like the navigation keys being off centre

  • Asif Khan

I trust Alcatel.

  • fain

pls wait a little until end of august and then enjoy this beast machine !!! :) i won't buy k750 or 6230i now, i would better wait and get the better :))