alcatel OT-S853

alcatel OT-S853

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  • 853

i really want this phone badly now...come on alcatel...unleash it!

  • TINA

fain, I agree! I am also a huge fan of Alcatel mobile phones, I have (and use) 4 Alcatel models although they are old! OT MAX db (5years old), OT EASY db (5years old), OT 311 (3years old) and OT 525 (3years old). I never had to (or need to) go to the servis center, becouse they work perfectly, and batery too, although some of them have 5years. If only Alcatel's newer models came to CROATIA, I would have them MORE! So please, don't talk bad things about Alcatel if you haven't tried them and hadn't chance to love them!

  • fain

I can say to you taht Alcatel is one of the most reliable and usability brand!!! i have 3 phones (310,525,735) since 4 years!!! they still work in best shape !!!

  • Slaxe

Still... it is alcatel.. havent use b4... and really doubt its usability... the spec is really nice though... everything u need in a phone for business and entertainment... BT, MP3, miniSD... shoot...~!!!

  • Anonymous

hopefully this should be better than motorola e398 with the 2.1 surround sound. the advantages of it are that it has a higher resolution camera than motorola e398, has built in fm radio, is smaller and lighter and it can record videos.

  • Anonymous

excellent !!!

  • 9

Still not yet availble?
SE K750i and Nokia 6230i are available already~

  • roger

of course has video recording!!!!!!!!!\
but why is not mentioned in the specification
please fix it!!!

  • AlEx

Da wackest brick i've ever seen...

  • Anonymous

"no Video Recording???"

hey weeez i read somewhere that it does have video recording

  • milk


  • PhOeNiX

Can Someone tell me what comes in the package...
Do you think there is a memory card...?
What are the memory cards available...? And how much they will cost...?

  • Anonymous

RM1299 in malaysia.

  • zizo

300 $ at the end of august !

  • Mike

This phone is EXTRA,I like it.The price?

  • Anonymous

Superb !!!

  • j2

this phone looks great, but i'm not very familiar with alcatels.
how does it compare to other MP3 phones?(motorola E398 and SE W800)
gsmarena, plz review it...

  • zizo

we will wait for the second announcing at august/september for the new models that will come 4Q and then will see what monsters will be, why not 3G :)

  • zizo

95% phones are not 3G and you shouldn't like them in your opinion

  • weeez

anyway, not a 3g phone, i don't like it :(