alcatel OT-S853

alcatel OT-S853

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  • zizo

Of course it has video recording, but is not mentioned!!!
audio and video streaming!!!

  • weeez

no Video Recording???


i want it i want it i want it its such a cooooool mobile oh here like anime says me

  • robert

navigation system over gprs thath is a good thing

  • Anonymous

Alcatel Needs to release this mobile now if it wants to sell it

  • young

I want it now. Don't want to wait until august. Coz' I'm afraid by that time, there are more other options to choose... and S853 will be out of date.

C'mon ALCATEL !!!

Don't waste this golden opportunity.

  • alex

nope... not enough... I WANT 5.1 surround sound!!!!! :) Just kidding...

  • kwok

I'll be waiting for this...

  • betto

how big is the screen????

  • hkp

Is that launch in Hong Kong? Thx a lot

  • io

mt3E remote control for mp3's cable control as I saw from pictures.try this link­1179 for more pictures with this phone

  • Anonymous

this phone rocks and kick ass !!!
i will buy it !!!
ALcatel is the best

  • Anonymous

what remote control do (do it control tv or somethin like that) and do it use bluetooth or infra red

  • SaveR

This is a forum from but in russian version ( i understand russian language ) and the info is from the well known and main reviewer of the site the russian "Eldar Murtazin"
here is the link , and who wknos russian can read.­p?t=20696&highlight=S853

  • Anonymous

To2saveR, Please post the address of that interesting story of yours so that we can browse it.

  • sanny

2SaveR from where such interesting information, the address please

  • SaveR

Alcatel will announce another phones at august/september and be produced at the 4Q 2005. they will be two "S" , three "C" , and one "E" classes. and we should wait what monsters they will produce at the end of the year !!! may be 2 or 3mpxl with QVGA screen and why not a UMTS phone ))
Alcatel is back and going on the top with fresh ideas ) and money from TCL ))

  • Max

This phone is gonna rule.

  • deirdre

most wanted/ wonderful/ made by the hands of god/ heavensent/ at first i thought it was average then i saw the gallery and im like wow i ate my words ive wasted my money for a spv e100 i should have earned and waited for this one ( i just bought my cellfone ) i wish id see this first

  • Anonymous

The best phone at the moment!!!
great job. i am wating for you baby !!!
ALcateL Rulez