alcatel OT-S853

alcatel OT-S853

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  • aleksandar

its a exlent phone end tradicionl good compani i use a alcatel OT end i am very proud of it . only negativ thing is a very smol memory 10 MB and some models dont have a bloutout caos from Macedonia

  • Sarah

Nice phone alcatel, i am so going to buy this when its released, alcatel makes awesome phones now since alcatel and TLC have joined, they rock and alcatel will reach the top of the mobile market!

  • fone dude

gsmarena, please review this phone! :)

  • Anonymous

This New phone is awesome and i love it, this has many more features that arnt listed thoe, like USB, Voice dial, memo, command. SyncML, Also this phone can Video record for 10 minutes with 2.1 surrround sound!!!, awesome, also it has a Memory stick (MiniSD), What is a maxium of 1 GB, you can watch movies through surround sound or you can Hook up your mobile through a cable to watch Movies on your tv

  • sniperz

very very few negative statement on this~ Which MEANS!Alcatel HAD! prove a challenge with nokia instantly with their OT-S853 now! juz look at its design its been made juz to turn the table with nokia,SE!! keep up the good work by maximizing more memories,zooming cameras ,3d games = challenge n gage? ;0 its gonna be a selling phone in the next years then!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess

This phone Has USB cable connector aswell as 10 minute video with digital surround sound, Movie phone, movie editing, I LovE iT, AlCaTeL rUlEzzz!!!

  • Donald

Looks fantastic! and great features!
this will be my next phone...wonder when it will reach here

  • Anonymous

People there is more S Models to come this year with more features

  • sniperz

9.5/10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man juz by looking thru omg alcatel made a very good phone! juz hope tat it's processor is fast~ and from wat i had seen this phone around the whole world might rule! alcatel is proving their ownself into CeBiT~ which i know :D juz hope tat its price from malaysia is around rm1700+ from the start and drops :) for other country buyers shud recommend this dam!~ its design is gorgeous~! with the mp3/vid player , 1MP camera, some games to entertain~ this is gonna had a challenge against sony eric k750,w800 and nokia 6681~ lets see who wons the most then :)

  • Anonymous

i heard that will be 300 $ and will be launched at 1st of september !
ready to rock? and kick out k750 or w800 :)?

  • fone dude

how will price compare to nokia 6681 and sonyericsson K750?

  • Anonymous

the Maxium SD card is 1GB, So on one card you cant fit an estimated 260 songs. Or insteed you want to download a movie and put it on your phone, your choice, but with surround sound this phone tops one of the best out, 1 movie maxium per SD mini card (1GB), It has 2.1 surround sound for movies or music, what is highly amazing for alcatel now, (phone plugs into tv or projecter to watch movies wide)

  • griffin

Cool one!! Real stuff since OT 715.

One of the coolest things that it has a remote control for mp3&FM player!

Future bestseller

  • sOmeOne

does this phone play movie , for ex. matrix?

  • roorangeo

i.didn't see these phone but i thinc wi'll be one of the best' alcatel is no.2 or 3 after motorola or siemens in the world at all that mean comunication starting with wire and finish with software! l think that with these phone and others new comming they must prove no 3 in the world in comunication ! how much cost this phone????? answer me pls!

  • jamil.tundang good design
When this phone i can by here (malaysia)??
anybody can help???and how much ??

  • skaraotzky

i wasn`t smoking anything .. i was answering to Ahitaron
are you sure it will be out in september ... i hope sooner...

  • S853

skaraotzky wht in the world u smoking dude?

  • Anonymous

oh GOD
It has everything!!!!!!!!!
Really compete with k750 and i think s853 beat it cause of stereo surround and EDGE !!!!

  • Anonymous

i heard it wiil be realised 1s of september and will be 300$