alcatel OT-S853

alcatel OT-S853

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  • sednin

what will happen if we upgrade this phone's firmware?

  • regie

are anyone of u here naruto fans? do u know where to download naruto videos for the ot-s853? or if u have any anime videos, upload it pls. tnx

  • Nelson

Kishore, this phone does not support transferring of files via bluetooth. Bluetooth in this model is for bluetooth headset only.

  • Kishore

Hi iam unable to connect my Bluetooth with other bluetooth phones , its not detecting at all

  • Nelson

Toni, I don't understand why you got problem opening the menu 2. It should be opened when you buy your unit. However, if you mean you have activated password for it and forgot the password so you cannot open it anymore, you can still open it. Just reset your phone by typing ###847# and everything will be opened.

  • Toni

hi! how can i open menu 2?

  • Knight Rider

Luke I recommend you to upgrade your firmware, if your warrantee is still valid it should be done for free.

  • Nelson

luke, this phone always hangs up if there is unsupported files in your memory card like .wav files, .rar files, ect. But if you only put things that are supported by this phone this really don't have problem except if your unit is not 18b or higher firmwared. So always put files in your memory card or in the phone's memory that supported by this phone. Any problem like phone can't detect the memory card, etc., can also be fixed by resetting the phone (just type ###847#). Resetting the phone once may not fix the problem but resetting it twice or even three times will do.

  • luke

Mine isn't a comment as such but l need some little advice, my OT-s853 has a problem with its system, it does hang every now and then and also gets network problems. Is there any way this problem can be rectified? will be very glad when rendered any help.....

  • Nelson

What is your question again about menu 2 code? I cannot find it here anymore.

  • Toni

I mean "menu2 access code".Thank you.

  • Nelson

What do you mean access code?

  • Nelson

Yest dave this phone hangs up when you play something that is not supported by this phone. So never use unsupported file again to avoid problem. Visit to convert your wav files that you want to use as ringtone or message alert to mp3 and everything will be alright.

  • bombino

OT-S853 can't play wav file, that's why.
Convert your wav file into mp3 format first, then transfer it into your OT-S853 via infra red

  • dave

hi im dave from the philippines,i have a problem w/ my s853,recently i transfered a message alert wav file from a n6600 via infrared,i think its only about 475kb,i recieved the file,but suddenly when i chose to use the file to be my message alert tone,my fone hanged and turned off after 2 seconds,and everytime i attemp to use the file it always hangs up and turns off,i wonder what happened to my fone,ive had a reset,its ok now,but im afraid that it will happen again,can someone help me?i wonder what happened,can someone explain to me?and it is possible to happen again,eventhough ive alredy done a format?thanks in advance..

  • TTThunder


Just like to inform that I have successfully use 1GB MiniSD (Apacer microSD put into MiniSD envelop) on S853 firmware level 188 and 169!

(I was so surprised that it works with level 169! However, there is a fair amount of delay when you access the card than when you use 512MB...)

  • Nelson

"can you upload mp3 songs from hale, cueshe and rivermaya in the yahoogroups? thank u so much for all your uploads"

In response to mp3 request I have received from OT S853 user through email as shown above, I have uploaded the following in


1) Rivermaya - Alab Ng Puso
2) Rivermaya - Buhay Full Album
3) Rivermaya - Isang Ugat, Isang Dugo

1) Sumigaw
2) Closer
3) Bye Bye Na
4) Sumigaw (Instrumental)

1) 7, 8
2) Bent Down
3) Brothers
4) Dahil Sa Yo Sa Himig Ng Aking Gitara
5) Elegy
6) Empty Tears, Empty Heart
7) Eyes Wide Shut
8) Fire In The Sky
9) Liham
10) Kahit Pa
11) Last Song
12) Life Support
13) One Moment
14) Runaway
15) Starting Over
16) Take No
17) The Day You Said Goodnight
18) Underneath The Waves
19) Wishing
20) Hale - The Ballad Of

Album :
Cueshe Back To Me

Singles :
1. Can't Let Go
2. Bakit
3. Borrowed Time
4. Sorry
5. If You Need Me
6. 24 Hours
7. Stay
8. Laki Sa Layaw - from The Best of Hopia Mani Popcorn album
9. When I'm With You
10. Ulan

They are all ready for download and they are all free.

  • Nelson

mp4 videos can be played in this model. However, it cannot play videos (3gp or mp4)with more than 65 mb of size and that is how my unit perform. I think other units also performs this way. OT C825 and other models after this can already play and record unlimited videos.

Just reminding people that if you have media file (like .wmv, avi, etc.)that cannot be played in this model because it is not supported, you can always convert that file into 3gp. Just visit It's free.

  • regie

are the mp4 videos of 70 or more MB which is playable for ipod video also playable for ot-s853? pls reply..tnx
can ot-s853 really play movies from mp4?

  • Nelson

New sets of OT S853 crazy sounds and screensavers have been uploaded in They are ready for download and they are all free.