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alcatel OT-S853

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  • Jose Astudillo

This phone is very good. It has a big memory. However I don't know how I can download the phots and video into my computer. I don't remember if Alcatel give me the drivers when i bought this equipment.
If somebody can help me to get the s PC Win XP or MAC OSX i will be very thankful

  • Knight Rider

Chris send me an email, I will try and sort it out for you.

  • Chris

Hi there,

I received my alcatel back from repair, but the drivers for the camera were removed. Can't find the driver on the net, maybe somebody knows where to find the driver ?!


  • haroon

thanks loads knight rider

  • Knight Rider

This phone is available world wide via the website.

  • haroon

hi guys

i really like the look of this fone

only one problem....CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE!!!

i can only find websites that sell to france

PPLLEEAASSEEE can sombody help me

  • Nelson

Thanks Jay for the info.

  • silverspear

bambino,there is an alcatel authorized shop in malaysia..
one is in k.l and another one is at balakong.

  • jay

to twowato and knightrider, i'am from the philippines. If you are in baguio city and in need of alcatel service and parts, look for BERLEIN cellphone shop or PINES multi telecom at handaan Bldg, 72 session road baguio city or call (074)3044761

  • Roland

Hello from France !

I will got an s853 soon, it's a secondhand one.

I read carefully all the pages of this forum (it took alot of time !).

I just have two questions :
About the PC suite : is it only able to synchronise contacts with the outlook contact list (I don't like outlook), or is it possible to type in the contacts directly in PC Suite and then send it to the phone ?

And the second question :
Is there any way to upgrade the firmware (if necessary) without having to go to an Alcatel representative ?
(eg to download it ?)

TIA for your answers ?

Roland from France

  • Nelson

Jericho, I have what you want. Just get in touch with me at

For those who want games for OT S853 and C825 just mail me at my email address above.

  • Knight Rider

Bombino, There is no service center in Malaysia, but send me and email at and I will provide you with other contact details for neighbouring countries.

  • Nelson

Jerico, I have what you want. Just email me at

For those who want games for OT S853 and C825 just get in touch with me at my email address above.

  • Nelson

Jerico, I don't have text twist but I have scrabble. I have lots of racing games. Just get in touch with me at

  • Jerico

nelson, do you have any games other than games from something like as cool as text twist or racing games. :)

  • sednin

whoops!, i've misread your message, it's OT-S860, not OTS853, sorry!

  • bombino

Hi guys, I have a problem here, one of my two S853s seem have a trouble, it always shut down everytime I make a call nor receive a call.. I've bring it to Alcatel Autorized Service Center in Jakarta but they can't fixed it since this phone was never released in Indonesia at all, so they dont have any abilities to fix it. Is there any other authorized alcatel service center in nearest country such as Malaysia. Until now I can only use the s853 for gaming and listening MP3..

  • Knight Rider

What do you mean 2 battery packages?

  • sednin

hey knightrider!, you got two battery packages?..well i've only got one!, i bought this from manila, with 2 years warranty

  • sednin

btw...i am from the Philippines also