alcatel OT-S853

alcatel OT-S853

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  • reza

i just got this phone can anyone plz tell m how many hours i will have to charge it 4 the first time?????

  • THWS


Connect the phone via USB Cable with the PC. Than you can open 2 windows at your PC - one for the phone-memory and one for the memorycard. Then create a folder and copy your mp3-files in it.

Or: Put the memory card in the adapter (for SD-Cards, should be in the package) and connect it to the pc via card-reader. Then you should create a folder too and copy the files in it ;)

  • 143

I'll tell you something.... This phone rocks!!!
It's a user friendly lot's of keys for your thumb not be tired... I'll Give this a 5 stars I thiunk this better than a Nokia 3230.

  • Christel

we just bought the alcatel OT S 853.
But we have some problems to get mp3 on the sd card from the computer.

Can someone explaine how that we to this?

  • THWS

Look at the page - there you will find some more information ;)

  • THWS

  • gwhy

i will tell you once i have gone to the shop for upgrade.

  • Knight Rider

The phone does have zoom in VGA resolution, you can zoom up to 8 times. But in 1.3 mpix resolution the zoom can not be operated.

  • Mighty Me

Hi gwhy: How would you know that your software is the old one? I bought mine last week and I am not sure how to determine if its old version or the software installed in your fone is already the new one. Your help is greatly appreciated. My fone have no problem except that when I take photos I do not know how to operate the zoom function or does it really have a zoom function in terms of taking pictures.

  • gwhy

hi all,
i just got the 853. really amazing, full featured (even if i think i will need a small FW upgrade - free during 1 year warranty). i am 169xxxxx.
For those who asked, the user guide says "mini SD card up to 1 Go in FAT formatting".
The proprietary USB is not so nice (i can not re use all my previous battery chargers , 4 !).
FM radio is very good and sound also
Yet, i have a small trouble with a Nokia bluetooth HS56W earset, deconnection/reconnection every 2 or 3 minutes. Hope the FW upgrade will solve this.
If you need more info, let me know in this forum.
I will buy next week a 1Go mini SD to embark my mp3 (only 35 euros)


To mohamed, please provide me your e-mail address and I'll send you soft copy of the manual.

  • Ton

To fadz: Tnx for your help. I send an email to versatile Telecom for software upgrade and they told me to ship my phone to their office in manila free of charge because I am located in cebu.

  • mohamed

hey everybody can anyone send me the english manual for the s853 and i will send him a bunch of nice java games just send the manual to my e-mail

  • jB

Do you know which one has better music playback(from the earphones)This one or SonyEricsson w900?

  • Muhammed

hi all
can anyone send me the english manual coz i didn't find it on the site ,this is my e-mail , and i will send him a bunch of nice java games

  • Anonymous

Where to get newest firmware and how to upgrade
OT-S853 thanks in advance!

  • fadz

To THWS, of course the user guide and software CD (PC suite 4.17) are included in the package.

  • fadz

To Tony:
According to what Alcatel (Philippines) told me, it will be more faster and to correct the known problem of hanging up your phone. The old firmware version slow down your phone operation especially when memory card is almost full. I hope that will help.

  • Ali Sabry

To Boudewijn:

This link contains a Help File(PCSuite417 USBHelp) to USB setup of OT-853. Follow the steps and i think you will be able to access ur mobile through the USB

  • NIEL

To those who have this phone, Can we insert other memory card(not mini SD Card) on this phone? Does this phone really support pust to talk?