alcatel X1

alcatel X1

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  • mohamma

my phone it is restart by continues at finish batter cane you Halep

  • Rahman

Why is it misbehaving

  • Jono

Absolutely the worst phone I have ever had or seen. I only got it because my LG broke and we're out of stock and the X1 was on sale. Now I see why it was on sale. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! (You will be sorry)

  • bhavu

The Alcatel X1 is powered by a MediaTek quad center processor. It has a 5.3-inch screen with a 960 x 480p resolution. The device has a 13MP sensor on the back and front with a 8MP camera, both the cameras have an LED streak which helps take better pictures! VoLTE mode is also supported.

  • Mido

My main camera is broken
Any help fixing it

  • Thai

naceur, 04 Sep 2017pleas tell me about the batterie good or bad The battery is not so good for me only half day use and after i has to put on charging, that was the main reason i has to buy new mobile.

  • naceur

Thai, 07 Jul 2017After 2 weeks of use I have only to say it's a wonderful de... morepleas tell me about the batterie good or bad

  • Thai

After 2 weeks of use I have only to say it's a wonderful device with smooth loud sound, photos are clear and satisfy my needs when I use net, I never expirence any restart by itself, definitely worth the money.

  • Oppong

Sayon.Hasan, 23 Jun 2017Hello Bappy... No security update till now...I have one but i need to replace my screen but i don't get some in Ghana

  • mohammed

The device is not supported many comments when using the Internet running restart does not recommend buying it permanently

  • AnonD-267221

Just bought it today and I'm very pleasant surprised, design is fantastic, sound is very loud, camera is clear and for money value is worth buying.

  • Sayon.Hasan

Bappy, 03 Feb 2017Yo Sayon bro, have you received any security patch or softw... moreHello Bappy...
No security update till now...

  • Myrddincat

Evan, 19 Jul 2016Plz give me your phone number...Do you wanna stalk them or something?

  • Anonymous

stupid phone. cant use video call

  • Bappy

AnonD-4201, 28 Sep 2016hello there... u can rely on X1. nice cam, music and super... moreYo Sayon bro, have you received any security patch or software update since you bought the phone?

  • AnonD-564539

Meh secondary camera could use more megapixels I was expecting more battery storage. 4.4 Stars

  • AnonD-635908

alam, 05 Jan 2017I have x1 , this is worst class mobile. Womqny problems qui... moreI have the same problems

  • Omid46

The dearest just Justice followers.Just speaking justly!Is it worthy to compare this made in June 2016 with the lowest possible specifications for $400 with Xiaomi Max prime with the superior qualities in the upper-rising midrange class with around $250 for its Prime one!!!Both smartdevice are made in and by China!!Where is Alcatel going after being sold!!?Hopefully,not after Nokia!!I hope the few don't think that people are not still smart,genius,wise, select and buy wisely!!!No more!?Factwriting is a privilege!Justice Rights is Omid12Omivar,....

  • alam

I have x1 , this is worst class mobile. Womqny problems quick heated, camera some timew not working . bqttery fast drain. When i play you tube or news volume goes uo and down
Realy very bad experiance

  • Zortt

AnonD-622845, 20 Dec 2016i have brouht it few days ago....i have some problem about ... moreUninstalled if you have install any antivirus or security software.