OnePlus reportedly launching three phones this year, 5G phone case images surface

Sagar, 11 April 2019

Since 2016, OnePlus has released two smartphones every year - one is the regular model, and the other is the T variant. However, that may change this year as the company is reported to release three versions of the OnePlus 7.

According to leakster Ishan Agarwal, there will be three variants of this 2019 OnePlus smartphone which will be called OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, and the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G. The standard edition will carry model numbers GM1901/03/05, the Pro variant will have model numbers GM1911/13/15/17, and the 5G version will come bearing model number GM1920.

An image of the OnePlus 7 Pro that leaked recently carried model number GM1915 and revealed some of its specifications like Snapdragon 855 SoC, 8GB RAM, 6.67-inch display, and triple camera setup (48MP+16MP+8MP). It also had a notchless display with curved edges.

One Plus 7 Pro One Plus 7 Pro
OnePlus 7 Pro

Case renders of what's allegedly the OnePlus 5G phone have also surfaced adding more to its design. It looks very similar to the 6T launched last year, with the difference being the position of the LED flash. Last year's 6T has it below the dual cameras, this one has it between them.

OnePlus 6T 5G Case Renders OnePlus 6T 5G Case Renders OnePlus 6T 5G Case Renders OnePlus 6T 5G Case Renders OnePlus 6T 5G Case Renders
OnePlus 6T 5G Case Renders

More information about the OnePlus 7 should follow soon.

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