Android 12 supports native app clone profiles for certain apps

Michail, 20 October 2021

Android 12 is already official but some new details emerged via the official Android 12 Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) which reveals a new native app clone feature for Pixel users. This allows users to have separate instances of the same app say an instant messaging client for example.

As elaborated by Mishaal Rahman, the native cloning feature will allow users on stock Android to have more than one instance of the same app without having to go through making a separate work profile on their phone. Google’s CDD document describes the clone profile feature as “a user profile type used to run second instance of an otherwise single user App (e.g., messengers)". Only the primary user is allowed to have a clone profile.” It remains to be seen what apps will be compatible with this feature.



Reader comments

This feature did make its debut on Chinese androids skins first, so he is right!!!

  • Anonymous

one ui and zen ui are chinese apparently lol

  • Wayne Morellini

I've been trying to get them to have different instances of the same app for years. So, I can launch the camera app setup in different configurations from different links. A link for photos. A link for macro photos, a link for video, a link f...

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