Android 14 for TV adds picture-in-picture mode and reduces power consumption

Peter, 16 May 2024

Google I/O brings a new version of the Android TV OS, which is based on Android 14. Just like the new Wear OS 5 (which is also based on Android 14), there is a focus on reduced power consumption.

But the most interesting feature for users is support for picture-in-picture mode. This enables a form of multitasking with one app running in full screen and one in a small window. This will enable several use cases:

  • ticker: live sports scores or stock tickers
  • smart home: showing connected doorbells or baby monitors
  • communication: running video or voice calls while watching TV
  • health: fitness tracking or health monitoring

Google notes that PiP mode will be available on “qualified Android 14 TV models”, so it’s not clear whether all TVs and TV boxes will support the new mode. Also, you can't use two media apps simultaneously.

Android 14 for TV picture-in-picture mode and reduces power consumption

Android 14 for TV promises improved performance and startup times (by up to 4 seconds in some cases). Low memory devices should also see a boost in performance.

The new OS version also reduces power usage. Low Energy mode will shut off network connectivity when the TV is not in use. Increased Energy mode will keep the network active and enable Google Home functions.

The happy middle ground is called Optimized Energy mode. This allows only vital features to connect to the network while the TV is off, including Google Cast (over Wi-Fi) and Google Assistant to function.

Android 14 for TV picture-in-picture mode and reduces power consumption

The new OS version also adds new accessibility features like color correction for users with color vision deficiencies, enhanced text options for users with other vision issues and easier navigation for users with motor impairments.

Google revealed that Android TV OS has reached 220 million monthly active devices, which is a 47% compared o last year.

Finally, Google encourages devs to start moving their apps from the old Leanback UI toolkit to the new Compose for TV system.

Android 14 for TV picture-in-picture mode and reduces power consumption

Here is a presentation of Android 14 for TV, that shows off more changes. For example, the Gemini AI is used to generate descriptions of movies and TV shows on the Featured carousel on the home screen (in the user’s native language and only if there isn’t one already). Also, Google is switching from APKs to app bundles, which helps save around 20% storage.



Reader comments

  • Panasonic
  • 16 May 2024
  • d%A

Same like Panasonic my home screen

  • Anonymous
  • 16 May 2024
  • 58Z

Given how annoyingly slow my current CC w/GTV 4k is, where it wouldn't lag so much if Google didn't insist on loading so much unwanted crap on the home screen, I wonder how this A14 TV version won't make it explode.

Android TV works well, Ex the Nvidia shield, but it feels awful because TV manufacturers are cheaping out on hardware. Android does not do well on these terrible chipsets and 1/8gb storage configurations. Manufacturers should put at the very least 4g...

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