Android Oreo update for Essential Phone coming soon

Himanshu, 19 September 2017

Essential has confirmed that its debut smartphone - PH-1 - will get the Android Oreo update soon. The confirmation came in the form of a tweet from the company's official Twitter handle.

As for update time-frame, the tweet says "in the next couple months." This is inline with what Essential's VP of Software Rebecca Zavin recently said - that the update would arrive "in the next month or two." So we expect the roll out to begin before December in any case.



Reader comments

  • Apple Boy

meh that's all I can say for this phone

  • Gibby

IPS LCD screen? No thank you Essential! Wake me when you upgrade to OLED

  • Anonymous

This thing is dead on arrival. Aside from the PR disaster of it being months late and half the senior staff leaving the company, having read both reviews and a few user reports, it's a low stuttery mess that's beyond buggy, and half the apps don...

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