Apple iPad 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular

Apple iPad 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular

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  • AnonD-5000

AnonD-2539, 24 Oct 2012excuse me, what else did You expect to be upgraded, ios was... moreSamsung doesnt upgrade their cpu twice in year. And when they do they introduce a lot more feature , not jus the cpu. Thats the difference between apple and samsung.

  • Anonymous

they launched the ipad 4 because profit drops and they need another thing in order to wash the brain me the people. Tell me whats new except for chipset. ios is still crappy compared to android. No download ability. Very expensive very heavy . The real upgrade would be if they make ios open source. This is the only reason why i prefer android over ios.

  • deceptor

Mick, 24 Oct 2012Im totally speechless when i see this annoucment with the i... morelol samsung fanboy claiming to be apple fan boy.

  • Mick

Im totally speechless when i see this annoucment with the ipad 4 , i couldnt stop laughing ! I mean apple expext us to actually buy this ! I cant really tell the different , besides little Increase with speed (not enough to make a different anyway)and the facetime camera which upgraded to 1.2mp!even the main camera stay the same!i mean come on, samsung and sony has that for awhile ! I use to be a apple fan , but i moved on! Seriously if compare in feature wise there is no advantage in apple product anymore ! Maybe apple have 1 or 2 features that the adroid dont , but samsung android got like 20 features that apple can not deliver( maybe wait for ipad or iphone 8 or 8s)! Never buying apple product again ! Im pretty sure people have nothing against ios or android os , its just everyone wants a advance product And apple is not on the spot anymore!

  • Fabdroid

Apple's strategy, create the same shitty hardware, give it an event n increase the prices just a lil so that it feels new!!!!!

  • AnonD-2539

runner, 24 Oct 2012Look like after Steve Job gone,Apple no new idea for their ... moreexcuse me, what else did You expect to be upgraded, ios was upgraded recently, the display cant get better, it's perfect, battery is exellent as well! so some moer processing power is welcome change (the cpu is twice fast) ! i hope the upgraded chipset wont get hot like in case of ipad 3, and if it doesnt, than this is worthy upgrad! and finally, now Apple has a lot of tablets to choose from, like Samsung! and when crappy samsng adds new cpu and more ram, everybody gets excited about it, bt when Apple did so, everybody says they are not creative! why? dont get me wrong, i love android os, i respect apple and ios (and i dont like samsung! :P )

  • Anonymous

A6X Chip is Great but there is no need to release such an ipad after 6 month of releasing ipad 3!!!

  • Apple Fan

U don't has Designer in company or your company Designer no idea.

  • rey

can we use this as a phone? coz it has gsm function??
any idea?

  • anizba

Used to be a Symbian fan but decided to join iOS...I'm not so impressed especially with this ''worthless'' iPad4 which is not different from my iPad3

  • Al

Apple Partner., 24 Oct 2012 I am so disappointed, and all users who already bought ... moreWe should make a class suit for this.... Just bought mine last June, WORLDWIDE SUIT.... Its definitely unfair, this is going to be my last apple product.

  • runner

Look like after Steve Job gone,Apple no new idea for their products.Their only know add little by little like making cake.
Very pretty peoples who already bought new ipad (3rd generation),just few month come out new spec.
As you can see all their Ipad,Iphone and etc no much different only add little by little.
They only know change processor,screen size,change camera pixel and so on,others than that not much different.

  • Apple Partner.

I am so disappointed, and all users who already bought I pad 3rd gen ... Apple, you really failed Us .. there is no long period since the 3rd gen .. and you are bringing LTE to work worldwide + 2X in speed and graphics + 720p front camera .. it is not fair for Us. I am asking all I pad 3rd gen to ask fro their rights and seek for satisfaction .. please, make more demands on this .. we have the right to do so.

Apple Partner.


  • AnonD-76982

If there won't be much differences I will just buy ipad 3.

  • Anonymous

There isn't much changes. May be i should buy Galaxy Note 10.1.

  • Anonymous

rubbish, not much different between ipad 3

  • Russian_Mafia

This release is absolutely pointless.. seeing that the current ipad is not lacking in no way.

  • Purvinîf&iacut

No Siri

  • volio

These apple tablets are really crap, no difference between ipad 2,3,4 except for retina display on the ipad 3 how come apple keeps on making tablets with the same specs and just keep adding figures in front of ipad to deceive Americans, and the world at large, we should start a revolt and stop this rubbish, its high time we stopped buying these ipad craps and go for windows tablets

  • Dr. Jason

Maximuxs, 23 Oct 2012Can we make call like galaxy tab2?????? I mean gsm call??No iPad is capable of making calls. They lack the required antenna for making calls. You can however use it for internet.