Apple iPad 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular

Apple iPad 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular

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  • AnonD-77075

there is no big improvement on the ipad 4 compare to ipad 3, the name should be ipad 3s, since s mean speed...but,it is not fair to the user who buy ipad 3 at the same price... for me, it is better to buy galaxy note 2, since it is pack with all i need nowadays...sometime i think, apple is just apple, you will see the same screen, at small,middle and large screen....haha..that make no sense.. it is like, zooming your iphone screen with your

  • iSJ5


  • pranto

WHAT THE HELL??!! I just got the 3rd gen 'new' iPad and it costs 900 bucks, now they expect me to buy another one???!!! No more idevices for me! I won't pay apple another dime.

  • iSJ5

[deleted post]no my dear! hehe.........

  • iSJ5

shut up apple! And take my money!

  • R.A.A

the specs still same with the new iPad LOL

  • Guest

Why does Apple not release region focused LTE, i.e. 800/1800/2600 for Europe? It has quite a few bands but only one applicable to Europe.

Of course Apple wants people to buy their "revolutionary" product every 6 months, but people are not as rich as Apple directors and they buy it for 2\3 years.

  • Anonymous

Maximuxs, 23 Oct 2012Can we make call like galaxy tab2?????? I mean gsm call??you can't do that because it's a peace of junk

  • Rahul

they just keep launching new product !

  • Anonymous

is it cortex A9 or A15?

  • Anonymous

Is the CPU a joke?

  • Mad Apple fan

ALREADY!!?????? I just bought an iPad 3!

  • AnonD-29862

The processor is not a dual core Cortex A9 processor. Its a custom made apple A6 processor

  • Maximuxs

Can we make call like galaxy tab2?????? I mean gsm call??

  • Anonymous

It's not make change just relaxe...:)

  • AnonD-70775

gud specs..!!

  • Amit

Nothing Special

  • Al

Thats it? An Hd front cam and lightning connector? And renamed A5X to A6X? Without change in the cpu and gpu specs? But doubled the performance? , ill stick with my ipad 3:)