Apple iPad mini (2021)

Apple iPad mini (2021)

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MUNGDIVER, 15 Sep 2021It's crazy the huge response to the iPad mini ...just ... moreWe could have got all of that if google didn't kill windows phone, you know.

TEtech, 14 Sep 2021It has cellular so I think u canI don't think so. I've heard the cellular is only for data not for voicecalls

  • Anonymous

A., 15 Sep 2021Good stuff. What is missing is 3.5 mm jack. So you can'... moreJust buy 3.5mm jack to USB C converter!

  • John

Finally time to upgrade from mini 2😎😎

  • handyman

I currently own the mini 5. It is very good but the readability under sunshine is not the best. As this is a very portable device, Apple should have increased the 500 nits to at least 600.

  • Siddhss

I have 1 question, has this device is default voice calling ?? Not wifi or over internet. Only Default voice call service i m asking like phone ???

  • A.

Good stuff. What is missing is 3.5 mm jack. So you can't enjoy Apple Music in Lossless quality with your headphones.

Ali Hunsicker, 15 Sep 2021I actually don't think it's 3:2. In one of the ad... moreIt's 3:2 ratio even GSMARENA stated in their spec sheet. Here is simple math.

Mini 6
2266÷1488 = 1.522
3÷2 = 1.5

Mini 5
2048÷1536 = 1.333
4÷3 = 1.333

It's crazy the huge response to the iPad mini ...just shows you how much people want a phone that will push the 7.5 to 8 inch screen size. I'm a android guy through and through but if there's a loop hole and I can make calls with this bad boy....goodbye android.....the screen resolution is kinda yuck tho well see how it looks I guess......and I don't care what the paid off content creators say the galaxy fold is garbage...... they know it. Samsung just has so much into them there doing everything they can to at least make it look like it was successful.....

The phone nobody has yet to make ....

•7.5 inch version of the xperia 1 iii for a display ( flat )
•Headphone jack
•Latest most powerful chipset A15/snapdragon-AMD
•built in s-pen/ apple pencil pro that has a Camera in it that can take pics/ video(live video) and when popped up in its dead center position can be used as a front facing camera
• vibrant color options besides the dull grotesque colors everyone joke it's like they just pick the ugliest colors in existence
• comes with a super fast charger and Headphones along with a pre installed screen protector and clear protective case .
• top of the line cellular connection abilities

Hmm what would I pay for that ? Well folks are paying 1800 for the fold 3 garbage so heck.....I'd pay 1500 for that phone .....he'll for that phone I'd pay 2000$ with a 2000$ tag tho better do custom color options and include the free stuff

Tell me there's no room for innovation....what a excuse .....companies need to stop pushing what they think people like on them and start listening to what they actually want and making it......the company that steps up and fills in that note 21 yearning of large displayed phones is gonna go far.....I wonder who will it far all these new devices are just lame......have some with a big display but then the resolution is trash ...same with gaming phones ...I mean come on what do gamers like most or look forward to? The new game with better graphics and smoother game play so stop with the garbage displays on these potentially good game phones . so far all but the black shark 3 pro have just had super weak displays

  • flup

No headphone jack. sad.

  • Bob

Stryder, 14 Sep 2021I wish iPad mini could make calls and send text like Samsun... moreAs far I know, you could make calls etc with older minis, so probably you can with the new one too.

  • Anonymous

Price ?

  • Stryder

TEtech, 14 Sep 2021It has cellular so I think u canNo, cellular means it supports sim, just for the sake of data / internet and nothing else. That's the shitty part of iPads.

  • Rasputian666

YUKI93, 14 Sep 2021The specs aren't still fully official yet, so I'm... moreI doubt that my friend. You see striking similarities between the new Mini and last year's iPad Air 4. I have the Air 4 and it doesn't have the 3.5mm jack. Have got myself a good BT5.0 wireless earphones lasting >10 hrs. So I feel the liberation from the dangling wires and to not have to be near the iPad if I want to continue watching while making myself a cup of Coffee at the kitchen counter. I have started using wireless earphones only since the past year along with the Air and I don't think I'll be going back to the 3.5mm wires dangling making me stuck to the device without freedom of movement. It becomes a habit.

I think the biggest improvement in this year's iPad & Mini is not that they have upgrades in processors or the screens but the Ultra-Wide front Camera with CentreStage. That kind of Utility is going to be it's USP to sell until the following version of Air next year. If you are a student or a professional, dialling into the Zoom calls with the new improved Camera is going to be a unique experience in itself.

shiba, 15 Sep 2021Apple copied Microsoft signature 3:2 aspect ratio for mini ... moreI actually don't think it's 3:2. In one of the ads while on a FaceTime call, the person on the screen was on a 16:9 with little black bars compared to my giant ones with 3:2. I think it's a 16:10 display.

Apple Rulez!

Apple copied Microsoft signature 3:2 aspect ratio for mini screen. The new mini screen actually narrower and taller than mini 5.

  • Anonymous

No 120hz fuccckkk

  • Sam

Austin C., 14 Sep 2021The new mini actually, according to, doesn't... moreHahaha you are jocking.

  • Russel

How much RAM does it have?

Actually the iphone 13 pro Max seems to be the best 'tablet' out there 😂