Apple iPad mini (2021)

Apple iPad mini (2021)

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  • ink

shamsari, 17 Sep 2021the most important is having whatsapp for ipad. plz apple ... moreHow is this the fault of Apple? Ask Facebook to implement it.

They just copy and paste

  • shamsari

the most important is having whatsapp for ipad. plz apple grow up

  • Cristian94

The procesor it s the same a15 from 13 line up iphones

Going to buy one mini In Sha AllAh. I have previous version. Gonna sell it and have my mini upgrades.

  • The Critic.

Sblc, 15 Sep 2021No, some people just want a compact tablet they can take an... moreHmmmmm with all those nonsense specs you now calling for there its best you win the lottery and open your own company and hope your product sells. Phones form factor and tablet form factor are the status quo for a reason. Why would I want a 8 inch phone? It have LTE tablets that uses sim cards. The best thing for the phone and tablet markets is for both phones and tablets standards remain as it is

  • the dude

Hmmmm cpu hexa core very veeeery specific

  • Anonymous

The Camera is 12MP but the summary above shows 8MP.

  • mohsen

without 3.5mm output??????so bad

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021Let it die already lol, there's BT headphones that wor... moreBut the BT Headphones don’t support apple lossless codec, BT only support AAC, lossless still needs DAC and Analog Jack

  • Anonymous

A., 16 Sep 2021Good stuff. What is missing is 3.5 mm jack. So you can'... moreYeah you are right, Apple DAC is only built on Lightning to Jack or Jack Audio in iDevice self, otherwise type C DAC is unknown for lossless support or maybe must buy Samsung Type C adapter which still not mentioned by samsung if support lossless

  • Anonymous

Pikucba, 15 Sep 2021Not true, 3.5 mm jack is analog by definition. USB-c jack i... moreActually you are wrong, DAC is still needed for Lossless in Apple Music, 3.5mm jack means you can listen lossless up to 24/48 quality because Apple BuiltIn DAC can only be accesed via jack audio or using Official Lightning to Jack which has separate DAC, Using Usb C adapter or headphones means you lose the Apple DAC capability and only depends on Type C DAC because the DAC is separated from apple owned, which until now i haven’t found any Type C DAC that support Lossless quality maybe except samsung type c adapter

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2021Maybe somebody will answer if you add more question marks. ... more4gb of ram

327 ppi resolution may not really please me

  • s2

This will be awesome with promotion display.
Please make IPAD PRO MINI

  • StolIB

JACD, 15 Sep 2021RAM????4Gb

  • Anonymous

JACD, 15 Sep 2021RAM????Maybe somebody will answer if you add more question marks.


JACD, 15 Sep 2021RAM????4 or 3 gig i think

  • A.

Good stuff. What is missing is 3.5 mm jack. So you can't enjoy Apple Music in Lossless quality with your headphones.

JACD, 15 Sep 2021RAM????4 GB Ram was spotted on Xcode on 256gb model.
Only 4gb ram on a new model whit A15 chip smells like an planned obsolesce.