Apple iPad mini 3

Apple iPad mini 3

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-320593, 17 Oct 2014Boring specs. No phone call, no flash camera, 1ghz. SucksI don't think that the 1 gig if ram is confirmed. I've seen some sites saying 2 gigs.

  • AnonD-320593

Boring specs. No phone call, no flash camera, 1ghz. Sucks

  • AnonD-24855

WOW. What an upgrade :D Can anybody tell what's new in it except touch ID? I compare mini 2 with 3 but nothing seem different.

  • AnonD-266350

only 1GB ram :/

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2014100$ extra for a new button ))))))))))))))))))????????

ipad mini 2 last year 399. 16gb
Ipad mini 3 this year 399. 16gb

ipad mini 2 last year 499 32gb
Ipad mini 3 this year 499 64gb

ipad mini 2 last year 599 64gb
Ipad mini 3 this year 599 128gb

were is the 100 dollar difference coming from???

  • Anonymous

AnonD-302861, 16 Oct 2014Price range? 399 16gb 49964gb and 599 128gb.

ipad min2 to 3 is not much difference with exception of the touch id the 3rd color and the 32 to 64 and t he 64 to 128gb. price difference remains the same as last year.

ipad mini 2 will cost 299 now and the ipad mini 1 will cost 249.99.

  • AnonD-302861

Price range?

  • Anonymous

A Apple a7 chip?? Not an a8. Lol

  • Hhggg

The selfish and fool apple wants bought more ipad air 2 and doesn't upgrade ipad mini

  • AnonD-172605

its just an ipad mini2 with a new iOS

  • Anonymous

100$ extra for a new button

  • Nick

Soo... Apple's charging an extra 100$ just for Touch ID and gold color option? I don't think there's any reason to pick this one over the previous generation, except for storage capacity, perhaps, assuming Apple leaves people with just the 16gb option for mini 2 again. I swear, if this thing sells better than mini 2, it will be a massive victory for Apple's marketing...

  • AnonD-167121

The old A7 chipset? Rest in death iPad mini 3. However after the price drop the iPad mini 2 will get bought more.

  • AnonD-308292

Ipad air 2 *_*

  • AnonD-183005

Ipad mini 3 is killer