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Apple iPhone 11 Pro

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  • Anonymous

Ali--Raza, 09 Aug 2020Well, I think both androids and iPhones are good in their o... moreI disagree. Most android phones have better battery life than all iPhones except for the 11 pro max if what Apple's claims are to be trusted that is. I don't think iPhones are very secure since last year a girl from my class started crying because as she said someone hacked her phone (iPhone XS) and stole her nudes.
Any phone can be secure if you use antivirus, private space, etc. If you are careless no iPhone will save your stuff. Apps on iPhones may be a little nicer but on Android you have A LOT more apps. Also nonphone loads an app in 10-13 secs. My Huawei p 20 pro opens everything in less than a second. Video quality is bad tho. iPhone is not worth it imo

  • Anonymous

kyooby, 04 Aug 2020I have iphone 11 pro.. My battery last al day long with wif... moreIt is not about affordable prices, There are Android phone s that are more costly than the iPhone and are a million times better. A13 and spd865 are the same as far as I am concerned, Even if the a13 is better, Android phone s have a lot of features that iPhones can never have. Android phone s are more customized than ever!!! Apple is greedy, that is why the prices of their phones are high

  • Anonymous

For this price it should be 4k screen. Not balanced phone. + kids phone design.

  • neeraj

why all iphones are being bored nw..

  • Anonymous

Red fish, 02 Sep 2020You have to be an ultra idiot for spending such a amount on... moreI buy Gucci too and prada i must have labels.

  • Red fish

You have to be an ultra idiot for spending such a amount on this sort of junk . If it's just for brand ,then I no words .

A smartphone without FM radio chipset but too costly.

  • Samsung lover

I was just to buy this phone but after I realized that it lacks fm radio, I immediately changed my idea,
This is a reason when you love the device but can’t afford the price.haha
Guys I can’t breathe

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2020Listen, all people don't need those facilities. The on... moreActually you can download MP3 from websites on iPhones just that people believe they can’t

Well, I think both androids and iPhones are good in their own ways having their own pros and cons. I have used both iPhones and androids recently. In my opinion and experience if I remain neutral then I see the following pros and cons of both iPhones and androids.

iPhone is currently very much superior than exynos, mediatek and hisilicon kirin android chipsets when it comes to performance especially gaming or heavy usage.
iPhone is also a bit better than Snapdragon Chipset but they are actually very close. Both can handle and maintain 60 fps smoothly in heavy games.
iPhone is slightly better when it loads an app in a speed test on YouTube. Like iPhone loads the app in 10 seconds, the snapdragon android loads in around 12 to 13 seconds on average. Frankly speaking you won't notice this in your day to day as it is not a noticeable difference.

iPhone's videos are a bit better than android.
iPhone's ecosystem is better than android.
Battery timing is slightly better on iPhone.
iPhone has upper hand when it comes to social media apps updates and their features' availability earlier in time.
iPhone is a bit secure when it comes to user privacy and hacker threats but they are a bit limited for some things which androids offer you like more open ended user experience.

On the other hand Android has the snapdragon as their best processor for gaming and for reliable heavy usage but it falls slightly short to Apple chipset.

Android offers more ram which helps it to be a bit better in multi tasking than iPhones.

Android has some variety, in brands and in different tiers of phones like from budget phone to midrange to upper midrange to flagship.
Android has upper hand in features like 120 hz refresh rate, higher resolution and a lot of things like that.
Androids are customizable and are mostly the first to introduce a new feature like water proof, 4k video, face unlock, 4k HDR etc.
Androids are best in their screen display like Samsung and Sony have one of the best displays right now in the market. Oneplus is also good at that.
960 fps slow motion and some features like that are also available a lot earlier for androids. Fast charging features are also a bit better in androids.
A lot of good flagships have very good battery timings but iPhone has a bit lead here. (May be because android has higher resolution which consumes more bettery)

When it comes to camera hardware specs, android is better and the rear camera results are slightly better on androids. Features like night mode are also a lot better on androids. (iPhones also have very good cameras, may be the selfies are a bit better on iPhones in some conditions).
Majority of the androids are better in a way that their value to money ratio is better.

Androids are also making gaming phones which are also cool overall having a lot of features and gaming exclusiveness.


It is a tie because iPhones good at videos but androids slightly better in still photography.

Both are good in this but Apple is slightly better.

Features and tech specs:
Androids are better here.

iPhones are better here for sure.

User limitations:
Androids are better here because they offer a lot of freedom to their users.

User security:
iPhones have the upper hand here.

Apps experience:
iPhones have the lead here.

Customization and overall options in smartphones:
Androids are better.

Design and display:
Androids are a lot better here in both phone design and display.

Snapdragon is the best for the android world.
Apple chips are the best for the iPhones.
Overall iPhones are slightly ahead of snapdragon android chipsets.

Multi tasking:
Androids are slightly better in this.

Value to money ratio:
Androids are better here.

So both phones are good in cameras, battery timings, performance and display. It depends what you like, if you like best displays, features, tech specs and user freedom then android fits in your choice.
But if you want a phone which is better in apps experience, apple ecosystem, security and app optimisation and you can comprise on some features then iPhones will suit you for sure.

This was my experience, yours may be a bit different but its upon personal choice afterall what you like and want to buy. No disrespect from my side for any Apple or Android user.

  • Anonymous

The truth teller, 06 Aug 2020You only like apple coz you been using android for 6 years ... moreListen, all people don't need those facilities. The only pain on the back is no downloading MP3. And, megapixel doesn't mean high quality photos. The higher the megapixel, the more you can zoom in the photo. The lack of app launcher is really sad. But you can easily cope up with it.

Apple products are good but the pricing is really too much.Let the company offer its products at a better price atleast.

  • The truth teller

kyooby, 04 Aug 2020I have iphone 11 pro.. My battery last al day long with wif... moreYou only like apple coz you been using android for 6 years then moved to apple in 2018 you're still in the honeymoon period. The ios operating system needs a radical change its been the same since 2008. iPhones have no personalization no downloading mp3 from different Web pages because apple want you to pay them for a song you like on iTunes. Iphones can't expand storage via a memory card, you can't Bluetooth songs and other files from your iPhone to another phone and vica versa. If you smash the back glass on a iPhone its £500 to repair it with apple because apple manufactured the iPhone in an unorthodox way. Android would only cost £20-£70 to repair the back glass. The cameras are only 12mpx which is a joke when android have 48mpx and upto 100mpx so images can be zoomed in and still look great. Oh and I'm not a android fanboy I have a iPhone 6, xperia xz2, galaxy a20e I just like good tech. Have a nice day

  • kyooby

I have iphone 11 pro.. My battery last al day long with wifi/bluetooth on all the time. 11’ hours always on display shows me at night before reaching 10% battery. I have never had problems with ios. You android fan boys cut onions before talking non sense about ios. Android it’s slowing down everytime you install an app or get an update. 10gb ram/ 100mpx/ and 10000mAh battery could not save your ass. I have had android from 2012 till december 2018 and first I was sceptic about ios but when I test it for two days my life was never turned back to android. So, don’t talk about apple product if you don’t own it one. Android specs phones are only on paper. Cannot help you think it’s better. If you can’t afort an apple product doesn’t mean it’s bad. Next time find a way to go high with your thoughts

  • volcanohopper

Trevsblogs, 01 Aug 2020Apple just that far behind Google andriod. Pherhap it the ... know nothing, John Snow....

Krattos, 30 Jul 2020This phone sounds more like a white elephant considering th... moreApple just that far behind Google andriod. Pherhap it the OS that difficult to fit all the things the Iphone can't do into it . Google got the world working on developing Android systems. Apple now the biggest buyers of apple Iphone shares trying to keep the stock market price up. It stopped selling phones on mass Iphone so. You never see a line outside Iphone store anymore. It just as well you have to buy your apps and music with apple or the company go bust. With Google and Andriod all free. Still the Americans are the best sales people in the world get high prices for junk or Apple Iphone would been the New Nokia . Gone into the history book. Hope it has better luck with apple car.

  • Krattos

This phone sounds more like a white elephant considering the price

N.K.X, 24 Jul 2020I would choose Apple any day over Samsung Y? 1st Apple h... more1 - That has been claimed before and proven against in day-to-day apps. The midrange Snapdragon 765G can easily reach 90FPS and apple is capped to 60FPS. Other sources show apple has been cheating in benchmarks.

2 - Ebay is your friend, or any other site that can sell you a snapdragon version specifically.

3 - It has been slowed down with faster battery drain to push users to buying newer models.

4 - Apple's battery is small and it is a problem. The OnePlus 8 Pro beat out the pro max variant with 120hz enabled.

5 - Funny joke, come back when you get 144mp (upcoming xiaomi), 8k video (s20), 8000fps slow mo (huawei p40), f/1.4 aperature (honor phone), and the top rating of DXOMark.

6 - And it doesn't even have any sort of high refresh rate.

7 - But not as fast as google assistant that you can set as your default voice assistant. Let's be real does anybody even use bixby?

Margo, 23 Jul 2020Samsung has only 1 good thing, its screen everything else i... moreif the battery drains fast, you most likely have the exynos variant.

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2020good luck getting any updates at all lolGoogle pixel from 2016 already has 4 updates supporting the latest stable build of android (android 10)