Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

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  • Dfg

well done apple, 09 Sep 2019Ultra fast draining cos of high screen refresh rates... Ul... moreIts not a 120hz display its a 60hz display with 120hz of touch-sensing

Google pixel have one 12 mp camera and îs the f.king king. Sony produce the photo camera module and make the worst pictures ever . Leave the Numbers . Optimisation is the key .

  • Anonymous

Finally some good f*cking battery life. But still 1149€ :/ guess I‘ll wait for the X to drop below 400€ used

  • Levy

188 grams for a 5.8"? LOL, this is ridiculously heavy; I don't want to feel like I'm carrying a brick in my pocket!

  • andrea

Imagine when Apple will make 5G Phones, it will be a party 😂😂

  • Forgotten

6 GB RAM... impressive... most impressive;)

  • Sohaib

time to buy iphone 7 plus and RIP

  • Balthazar

Steve jobs must be shaking his head in the grave after launch of iPhone 11 pro. They are totally outdated in terms of design and features now

  • AVP100

Great Phone. They have done it again. Time for the upgrade.

  • wisetech

already launched

  • AnonD-784107

Whats bizarre. The camera although now 3 lens setup still is not exactly ground breaking. F1.8 apperture. Is a joke. Be interested to see how Dxomark rate it my guess like a Galaxy S10E.

  • Anonymous

Watching the event was like watching a replay of unveiling event of android phones last year.

  • Atif

What is the weight of iPhone 11 pro?

Looks like Apple is finally taking phone hardware seriously.

  • gbdadx

poor batery.....

  • Anonymous

The world is experiencing 5G and they haven't know what 5G is. I am talking about apple and it is overpriced. With no advanced features

  • Manojkumar Vyas

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2019this is the phone for those who know nothing about smartpho... moreYou are right brother. In built finger printer scanner Apple is planning to offer in 2020 whereas the same feature is already being provided in many mobiles within 20,000 Rs in India in 2019.

  • Anonymous

raiden78, 06 Sep 2019LOL, the big-ass notch is still there.Extreme overprised

By Nokia 7.2

  • Pochinki

At least now I know why Apple Shipment & Market Share ranking dropped to 4th in the world even getting beaten by Oppo. This is not 3 years behind, this even worse like 5 years behind.

They are turned into worthless

  • Anonymous

this is the phone for those who know nothing about smartphone but brand.