Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Ofc apps are evolving nowadays

  • Anonymous

Is this a joke

  • Robert EO Speedwagon

Amazing device but the huge notch in 2019 is unacceptable for a $1200 flagship. iOS is superior to Android in every way but I'd still rather get the 7T Pro for half the price and truly bezel-less design when it releases this month.

But if Apple went with pop up camera or a small punch hole like Note 10 and a under display fingerprint scanner the 11 Pro Max would easily be the beast device of 2019.

wiemar, 06 Sep 2019pro max :D max budget, low qualityI dont think that the fastest CPU, steel and glass are so cheap, like plastic.

  • Fk

Well, this colour is good

  • Anonymous

Abdel., 06 Sep 2019Worst design ever saw in a phone.. Don't blame people to no... moreLol, you dont have to enough many , that s why you said , this is ugly, this phone is desgn to rich peoples

  • Jsh

jdub, 06 Sep 2019I love how the biggest complaint is the look :) I think it ... moreExactly

  • Miggs

This phone has yet to be announced or released, but if this phone is exactly what these specs make it out to be, this phone will be utterly disappointing. Compare this phone to the iPhone X released 2 years ago, and the specs will speak for themselves. Aside from the chipset, a bigger battery, and an ultrawide camera lense, what else does this phone offer that can justify the price gap between a $600 iPhone X (probably $500 after iPhone 11 release) and the estimated $1100 - $1400 price tag of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. And that's just a comparison to another iPhone. Put this phone against Android phones such as the OnePlus 7 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 9T, Galaxy Note 10+, etc. and it will continue to be torn apart by these phones. I honestly can't understand how the Apple ecosystem can even excuse this phone's lack of quality/content. I'm not bashing this phone, I just don't want consumers to settle for less just because it has an Apple logo on the back and it's a "new" phone. I hope this phone becomes more than what the specs make it out be because at $1100 - $1400, that's robbery and people deserve more in 2019 going into 2020. You can do better, Apple.

  • Anonymous

congrats apple! you included ultrawide camera just 6 months after samsung did and 1 year after many other brands (like huawei) did

jdub, 06 Sep 2019I love how the biggest complaint is the look :) I think it ... moreCool for some people, but ugly for most. The fact that Apple, a company known for "premium" elegant hardware, is churning out grotesque phone designs is highly laughable.

  • Joshy

These specs are a bit wrong as the phones not even announced yet

  • Universe

pls Apple .... if ever iPhone 12 is made in next gen... drop the UGLY notch and make it notchless (motorized) or punch hole. yep punch hole = better.

  • Anonymous

Very bad rear design

pro max :D max budget, low quality

  • jdub

I love how the biggest complaint is the look :) I think it looks pretty cool.

  • Anonymous

Clau, 06 Sep 2019This is the second ugliest phone I saw after Google Pixel 3... moreu know nothing

  • Cr79

Empire, 06 Sep 2019This is the world most, superb , extreme, ultimate device ,... moreTruth that you leave... It's the ugliest iPhone ever!

  • lol

0 inovation 99 degradation, new chipset and everything else trash

  • Anonymous

Funny how it's just slightly, slightly larger, yet they call it "Max". When you go from 5" to 6" screen, that's "Max".

It will probably cost $295 more or something.

  • Anonymous

It may be a rummered image and the real isn't lite that right?