Report: Apple iPhone 11 trio makes up 69% of US Apple smartphone sales in Q4 of 2019

Enrique, 20 January 2020

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular items going into the holiday season – especially since the newest ones arrive in the beginning of the fourth quarter ever year. According to a research report from CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners), 69% of iPhones sold in in the US in Q4 were of those released in 2019.

The iPhone 11 was the most popular at 39%, while both the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max each accounted for 15% of sales. This is an interesting shift considering the iPhone XS Max heavily outsold the iPhone XS. It’s likely that many with the iPhone X are upgrading to the 11 Pro this year.

 CIRP Source: CIRP

Given the iPhone XR’s discounted price of $599 following the release of the iPhone 11 trio, it continued to sell well this year – making up about 18% of overall iPhone sales this quarter.

Since Apple does not reveal official numbers for iPhone sales anymore, CIRP uses the US-WARP (weighted average retail price) to eyeball the average selling price. It estimates the average is $809, up from $783 Q3 of 2019. It was lower than the Q4 peak of $839 last year, suggesting the lower price of the iPhone 11 and price-reduced iPhone XR offset the upward trend.

 CIRP Source: CIRP

This could also be offset from a slowing down of the adoption of models with more storage. Two-thirds of iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro buyers went with storage higher than 64GB while most buyers of other iPhone models went with just the base storage.

The number from this report are based off analyst surveys. This one, is based on a survey of 500 US Apple customers that purchased an Apple product in the October – December 2019 period.


Reader comments

  • JDK
  • 27 Apr 2020
  • ybx

Too bad you are fancying your good old spec'd out 120 hz smartphones that don't even get updates after 2 years. And 120hz displays is a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have.

My sister has an iPhone 6s. She has had it years. But iphone was ahead for a couple of years at that point. So keeping a phone for a few years was back then a good idea. However the rapid pace of smartphone tech particularly this year is going t...

  • Anonymous
  • 26 Jan 2020
  • niK

I have 4 year old Android phone and I would like to keep it another 4 years, but I don`t get upgrades any more... how stupid is that. I have very good phone that needs to be recharget only about 4 times a week so abou every two days and still has ori...

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