Apple iPhone 12 mini

Apple iPhone 12 mini

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  • New day new Oppo

dembass, 13 Oct 2020does it have a qualcomm modem? what size of the battery and... moreBattery 1900mah 2gb Ram 5v1a charger 8mpx camera

  • Anonymous

Investigator, 13 Oct 2020At 64 mm there's nothing "mini" about it. T... moreBro, have you seen the size of literally every smartphone released in the last year? The 12mini IS indeed mini compared to all the other phones, especially compared to all the iPhones. With smartphone sizes going up, this is actually very refreshing.

  • Investigator

At 64 mm there's nothing "mini" about it. The last time they could claim that about a phone was the SE in 2016.

  • Anonymous

dembass, 13 Oct 2020does it have a qualcomm modem? what size of the battery and... more2,227 mAh and 4 gigs of ram. It does have a qualcomm modem, probably the X55 but I've seen one rumor say it's the X60 (or is it X65) slated for next year.

  • Jack90

Wow,s10e 2020,no cons,great job apple

  • August Heart

Finally, Apple is going with FHD+ for all their devices this year. About damn time.

  • dembass

its just a pos, if it does not have at least qualcomm x60 modem.

  • dembass

does it have a qualcomm modem? what size of the battery and the RAM?

Currently using Android after years with iPhones. I have been looking for a compact phone with good cameras (both S10e and Pixel 4a were good alternatives until I added 5G to the priority list). For me, the 12 Mini would be perfect. The Pixel 5 would be also great, but it is not available in Sweden. However, I'll wait until I get to hold the 12 Mini and the regular 12. The regular 12 is also rather compact, so... Exciting announcements, but there is no "must have"-factor (yet).

  • Anonymous

Best handset for small size lovers

  • ryanZ


  • Waseem

Awsome... I was looking for sometime to apple to get back to original design language of iPhone 4 or 5 glory So finally it's here and the size is Awsome for having second phone with you mostly i use two phones The Mini is perfect expect the price

Fintoyu, 13 Oct 2020Copy what ?? Dimensions ?? Samsung S10eOh please... Both phones obviously have very different dimensions... The S10e is (142.2 x 69.9 x 7.9 mm) while the iPhone 12 Mini is (131.5 x 64.2 x 7.4 mm)... As an Android user, I would say Apple did a very good job with the 12 Mini...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2020Hopefully Android manufacturers copy this.this was pretty much my first thought. at the moment the s10e is my daily driver, but an even smaler phone would be better for me.

I like everything about the mini, except: iOS, no always on display

I'm so happy Apple released the iPhone 12 Mini... Now, Android Phone manufacturers will copy the iPhone 12 Mini by releasing compact Android phones with flagship-level specs and headphone jack at competitive prices... Thank you, Apple from an Android user...

  • Tech.hope

The design resembles the iphone 11 a lot, hopefully the specs are really significant in contrast to it's predecessor the iphone 11

Fintoyu, 13 Oct 2020Copy what ?? Dimensions ?? Samsung S10eComparing the 12 mini to the S10e is like comparing the S10e to the S10+ as far as size goes.

  • Anonymous

Lol first, what a beast phone compared to its size. Way to go Apple.

  • Anonymous

Fintoyu, 13 Oct 2020Copy what ?? Dimensions ?? Samsung S10eWhich is more than one year old and more than 10mm taller (so not at all the same form factor).

perfect compact phone.🤟🤟