Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

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  • m.r

Where is the Ram
And battery capacity????

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2020What's the Battery capacity??? Obviously 3900 or 4000 mAh

The apple we all know died since 2018☠️ No different between 11 pro and 12 pro same ugly Notch 12mp since 2017😂

  • Gi

Not seeing anything new!! Same old things.

  • Riz


  • dembass

its just a pos, if it does not have at least qualcomm x60 modem.

  • WeZza

I am dissatisfied as Apple didn't add screen with 120 HZ or even 90 HZ

  • dembass

does it have a qualcomm modem? what size of the battery and the RAM?

  • Anonymous

What's the Battery capacity???

  • zack malaysia

good performance

  • Anonymous

Am getting this phone

  • Kalana Dhananjaya

In this quarantine time no touch id.why?

No one talked about the battery and the RAM? A great device, I love it.

  • Osjohn

Daniel, 13 Oct 2020I just want to conform what's the Refresh Rate of this... moreIt's still 60Hz
Well hope for 120Hz (or even more) next year

iPhone 12 pro is hot

the haters gonna hate

  • Daniel

I just want to conform what's the Refresh Rate of this phone? Is it 60hz or 120hz?

  • Hello

What is the ram capacity?

  • Anonymous

Can't wait for its comparison with the note 20

Dahsin, 13 Oct 2020What is the capacity of the phone's battery?Hasn't been confirmed yet