Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

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  • Drake

Can't wait for this incredible new phone! Apple's at it again destroying the competition. Qualcomm Snapdragon will take a long time to catch up. They haven't even caught up to last year's A14 Bionic hahahaha

  • John

Vj02, 15 Sep 2021Still no touch ID or notch removedAgain with this nonsense!

Wow, a lot of criticism that has to do with iphone 13 pro max that are not having a variable refresh rate!

Still no touch ID or notch removed

  • John

Rockstarrrr, 15 Sep 2021Here is another crap from Apple, X, 11, 12 now 13 have sam... moreHere we go again with this nonsense!

Here is another crap from Apple,
X, 11, 12 now 13 have same look, a same old notch still in 13 and no any major chances from 12 to 13 device, a old notch devices continuously launching after Iphone 8plus
200 euro costed android mobile phone has punch hole selfie camera now a days

  • Mr.istanbouli

I'd better keep my galaxy s21 ultra, it is much better... how come an expensive phone comes with only face detection?

  • Martin

Not impressed, it's iPhone 12s Pro Max.

Roddyz, 15 Sep 2021What a brick!Brick is your phone 😁

What a brick!

is there still a lot of restrictions like USB file transfer and etc. on iPhones?

  • Anonymous

Lol,with no L.E.O!

Iikara, 15 Sep 2021Cool, now compare with those with similar processor specs. ... moreFlagship Android phones never gives you full power of mobile phone
They are different companies
Snap 888 is hot like dragon
Company like Xiaomi sells extremely pricy globally, in homeland they sell cheaper
Everytime every Android devices when you buy you say I wish I had another phone.... There are a lot of reasons

  • 3mp camera user

Apple is still using their cameras ability..just like other manufacturers, which 99% of users only use camera once a week or a year. Nobody cares about your photos or video if you shared it in media. I just watch apple 13 in actually was designed for film directors, not for common users.

Alecs, 14 Sep 2021Nobody cant say "iphone have small bateries" beca... moreCool, now compare with those with similar processor specs. Idk maybe a FLAGSHIP android phone?

I love the design of IPhone with three camera, man it's beautiful,
Once I held IPhone 12 pro in my hand, feelings?
I wish I could buy one ;)))
I think finally people will understand what does mean to support Xiaomi and how evel they become
And this year will be the year of IPhone

  • John

sohail shafayat, 15 Sep 2021what should be the design?I probably say that it might be identical to the 12, which the 13 has an anti fingerprint coating to prevent the fingerprint while the 12 pro doesn't!

Love you IPhone, let's support IPhone, the company created by Steve Jobs one of the greatest minds of the world!!!! And IPhone is the only company can counterpart Android devices, let's support real good phone

240g is unbearable

Echorosyne, 14 Sep 2021The most powerful iphone and the most oldest crap design ever.. what should be the design?

  • John

Shadows, 15 Sep 2021"Decent" isn't enough anymoreDo you understand what I'm saying!

I said, do your research, then come back to me!