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Apple iPhone 3G

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  • muzaffar

apple iphone 3g is really awesome with very big touch screen and games is really best and sound is outstanding beat performance iphone 3g is better than the orther touch phones

  • Sagar

I have a jailbroken iphone 3g 3.1.2 when i connct to wifi it shows me' unable to connect to network ' what can i do please help mail me on

  • iphone user

A question to ask: can i change the whole iphone 3G 16gb housing at apple centre?been using for some period and whether i can change from black to white ones?and if do how much roughly i have to fork out?

  • Umair_514

Im having problem with backup.. its extreamly slow!! does anyone know about a fix for that,, i have the iphone 3G

  • kamran

Mr. I Lover, 08 Dec 2009Bought this phone 5 days back n i'm really not regretting a bit.... moreno i wi fi

  • T_X

a new apps has been released: iVideoRecorder, finally, a legal app for iPhone 1st gen , and iphone 3G :), it records only at 3fps, but I`m hopping for a new update!

  • Anonymous

a great phone all you need is to update the new software so you can use some of the 3gs features... all in all great phone the iphone is, thousands of different applications, its basically like a mini mac! best thing ive purchased this year

  • Dz

lauzza160, 14 Dec 2009hey should i buy this iphone 3g 16gb? plzz give me more reviews ... moreiphone 3G is a great phone .. go ahead get it... 8 gb will cost you around 28 to 30K and 16gb 34 - 36k ... trust me 8gb is enough space however depends on your usage.. latest 3g version has cut/copy/paste and landscape view for messaging as well.. also if m not mistaken there is an app to get you video recording on it... anything related you want to get done - buy / unlock / repair/ apps.. let me know ur mail id ...

  • Anonymous

I have this phone and I always use it, and because I always do, it's battery consumption is not that long.

  • Anonymous

jailbreak can do lots more things, such as seeing ur file hidden systems thats it locked and you cant accessed normally, it can also let you record videos and make apps that costs money for free.

However, there is a risky side, it can stuff up your iphone and cant be fixed

  • modeeee

The best phone ever. The UI is so fluid that no other phone to date can compare to it. somehow its kinda like PSP in a phone. iphone is like LAPTOP goes MOBILE. sure there are some tweaks. its mostly depend on itunes and internet. no phone to phone via bluetooth. u need pay for most of the good apps and so on. but above all, its totally worthed. as for apps, free ones are also enough to satisfy you. its good that they sell this phone under mobile service contract, so not everyone can have it but many drool for it. Worth to spend for.

  • Anonymous

it's really a very nice phone.

  • lauzza160

hey should i buy this iphone 3g 16gb? plzz give me more reviews n comments especially the pros n cons for this fone!


  • Anonymous

bosi, 09 Dec 2009try it and you will never forget!!!!!!!this is the best phone ev... moreWhen u say jailbreak, do u mean I can get apps for my iPhone without using iTunes? If so how can i do that?

  • Bruneisiuk host user

Bought the phone after less than 10 minutes comparison with the HTC HD2. I nearly very nearly bought the HD2, but finally bought the iphone3gs after decided that i rather be safe with a working stable, faster phone than using an unfamiliar OS with the 1st (usually buggy) smartphone with the snapdragon processor.
I am happy with the phone now that it has the mobile office and especially its ability to do video AND read/push multiple emails from google, yahoo etc.

  • Mariappan.M

Apple i phone 8GB is very good model usage is very simple,battery is backup good,iam using the same model courin set kindly give the original mobile value

  • Setsuka

GSR, 11 Dec 2009I think this phone is good but not the best ever...Even the 3gs ... moreYou're right,it's a good phone,dare to say it's still the best touchscreen UI,but Apple need to come with new fantastic and unthinkable feature to gain new users again,something to be cursed and copied by other phone companies like when iPhone initial release,otherwise Apple might suffer like motorola with their RAZR series.

I'll look forward to the 4th iPhone..

  • GSR

I think this phone is good but not the best ever...Even the 3gs are not the best...Nokia, HTC, Samsung, have better features and more powerfull cell phones. The iphone has get the position it have because of the lot of developers making app and because more than a phone it is a portable gaming solution.

  • Setsuka

john, 09 Dec 2009hey guys/ i have read all your opinions and im really being temp... moreThere are a few downer things you should know first before you join the club :

Limited multitasking ( used only for iPod ),battery life isn't the best,no video recording,no removable battery--it's not really a big deal for me though--no video call camera,and make sure you're familiar with iTunes cause iPhone really depends a lot for it.

Apart from those weaknesses you'll get a whole new experience in touchscreen phone you've never seen before from other manufacturers,the best UI i've ever used so far,almost all major players tried to match the fluid interface of iPhone,but none of them succeeded even now,all i'm saying is you have to use one to know why they desperately make touchscreen devices to beat iPhone.

Applications are available for free and paid,i have no idea how many the free apps out there but certainly no less than 8.000 Apps,also for the paid apps.cost isn't too high,generally around $0,99 to $2,99,just buy what you really need.

As for java,you got the right and wrong info,it's right cause you can't install java you could in other phones,but it's wrong cause once you jailbreak the iPhone you get a whole new horizon of Apps.that's not available in,but so far the apps. in are enough for me to cover what i need ******* just bear in mind i don't encourage you to jailbreak it if you bought one.

And for making your choice harder :D :

The promotional tag "There's an app.for that" is true,whatever you're looking for must be in one of those 100.000 Apps--both free and paid version--available,and they're still growing everyday.

  • john

hey guys/ i have read all your opinions and im really being tempted to buy the iphone 3g. .g i have been a fan of nokia e-series phones for over 2yrs now and i just sold my e71 so i could get iphone 3g. is it a gud idea? and are there any free applications available for iphone or they are all for sale? i already mis my nokia and how i used to download applications includin java apps. someone told me u cant get java or open source apps on the iphone/ so im reali not sure if switchin to iphone is the right idea.. help~: