Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

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  • ridwan zamrik

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2009whats the difference between iphone 3gs and the 3g is it worth ... morehold your money till a later version of iPhone is released.
3GS is still missing a lot of things like video calls, front camera, easy bluetooth connection,...
I'll wait

  • Mr. I Lover

Bought this phone 5 days back n i'm really not regretting a bit.There's so much u can do with this phone if u have a wi-fi connection.

  • Anonymous

whats the difference between iphone 3gs and the 3g
is it worth spending more money on the 3gs?

  • sudipta

it's big boys toy. Most smarter phone invented till date over this planet.

Battery backup is questionable as mentioned in the review. Usually it gave 1.5 days if the talk time is avarage 1.5 to 2 hours.

  • jatt

there is no differnce in 2g and 3g

  • Setsuka

KceeGee, 04 Dec 2009I have been a Nokia Nseries fanatic for a long time. I had the N... moreWelcome Ex Nokia user,i was one too,just make sure to install "Tips & tricks of iPhone" from,there are more cool stuffs for your 3G/3Gs.

  • Setsuka

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2009Hi iphone 3G users! Could anyone please help me! How do I assi... moreThe answer for all of your questions :

There's an App.for that..

About which should choose,i suggest go to iWikiphone,it's a forum for i{hone users.

  • Anonymous

I have been using this phone for 6 months, but now its having problems in its screen touch. The screen is not responding well now. Can anybody suggest what to do? Pls pls reply. Thanks

  • Ram

What Is the processor used in iPhone 3g
and it's amount of ram?

  • Anonymous

i've got TOM TOM v8 on my iphone and it works perfectly.

Iphone is the best of all cell phone ever known

  • KceeGee

I have been a Nokia Nseries fanatic for a long time. I had the N90, N93, N80, N73 ME and N95. N95 suited me fine for 1.5 years. Then I thought of changing my phone because even if the N95 is good, I felt left out the "New Gen" mobiles.

I thought of getting another N series mobile, by that time N96 was on top. But when I saw its UI, it's basically an N95 with a different cover on. Searching the Net and GSMArena, I felt that touchscreen are now the "in" thing. So I looke at a lot of options from Samsung, LG and Nokia. Mind you, I didnt even looked at the iPhone because I was disgusted by it's high price and mediocre functionality. So I settled with a Nokia 5800 XM (Nokia Fanboy all the way), It was good the first two weeks... I downloaded appls and games, installed music and videos. Then it crashed, deleting all apps and messing with my Music. So I thought hey, maybe a minor thing. After that, it crashed 5 more times. I had to do all sort of things just to be able to use as intended. Then after awhile the battery life drained down from 2days to 1 day. So hell? then the UI is acting crazy slowing down and all, cant even text smoothly. So i said Sh*t, touchscreen UI s*cks shouldve stayed with my N95.

Then, I saw my friends iPod Touch, and saw TONS of application there. He explained how the functionalities are being compromised by the APPS. and hell, It was a hell lot of apps compared to the 5800s (and the 5800 apps mostly don't work or fugly as hell). So I gave my away my N5800XM and got myself an iPhone.

Getting an iPhone is a decision I will never regret it is really one best mobiles out there. And I can see why it had started a TouchScreen revolution. It's not perfect but it's close.

  • Dr.Hussain much is the difference in speed btw iphone 2G and 3G

  • pirathab

Leonard, 03 Dec 2009I just wan to ask Iphone 3G n Nokia N97 mini which 1 is better i... moreiphone is super than nikia N97

  • Leonard

I just wan to ask Iphone 3G n Nokia N97 mini which 1 is better if i wan to buy ?

  • Mahir Tajwar

This phone is cool. I have it in my hands and it's like nothing I used before.

  • Kwik

mac, 01 Dec 2009hello iphone lover.plz have a one look on this...... http://doc... moredoes all 70 of these apply to the 3G and 3GS cuz the 1st Iphone sucked more than a vacume

  • Kwik

adi, 01 Dec 2009iphone 3g good phone u lov itgreat if u got lots of money in ur pocket... those 99cent apps really do add up.

  • adi

iphone 3g good phone u lov it

  • Anonymous

28000 INR(Delhi) for 8gb.

  • Khantastic

Whats the price of this phone in Delhi(India) and i am not talking about Airtel and Vodafone prices.
Thanks in advance.