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Apple iPhone 3G

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  • Anonymous

Im sorry, but have to say it by my own word... I am an iHater... It's because i have tried using it for couple of months but nothing really great about it... I want to defend the part of nokia users... It is great to have an iphone if you really want to brag about ur little thingy like having such a high-end mobile phone...sorry to say, I will never ever go switch to apple mobile AGAIN!!! Losing half of useful applications I have right now, is a big NO-NO!!! Call Nokia users CHEAP... We maybe cheap, but we have the most powerful and useful mobile applications in the world, because we have loved the nokia phone because it is feature-packed not only because it looks classy or whatsoever like how u loved ur iphone... I know for a fact that none of you will admit that nokia applications (though someone from here said that u can download it from pirate sites... who the hell cares from where it came?? as long as it can be useful to us) are far better than iphone applications... Now, can u iphoners give us 5 or more applications that ONLY apple iphone 3g has?? All the apps that an iphone has, nokia has something to counter it... Make it double! I admit, I once been hooked to iphone because its classy (everyone knows it cost a lot of money to have one) but i didnt stop there...I realized that there's a lot in store to buy which is far better than having this... Most people thinks that if you have the most expensive mobile phone, you have the greatest phone... Well not for me... Having a great phone doesn't need to pay thousand dollar if you can have it less than that... It's all about having a featured pack, all in one device after all... =)

It's all based on my opinion, so i expect no arguments... Thanks and good day...

  • Anonymous

Mm, 27 Mar 2009Ifans always sacrifice little things to buy iphone! Fm radio ... moreI like streaming AM radio to my iPhone over wifi or 3G.

I like turning speaker phone on as soon as I dial the number, so I can hear it ringing before it answers, will the N97 do that or will it be like other Nokia's where the "Loudspeaker" option doesn't come up until the call is answered and the "End Call" changes.

That really is one of the dumbest things I've seen on a phone along with the '#' key line 2 shortcut.

Will you be able to hotswap the SIM with an N97?

I don't like turning my phone off when I'm switching my number.

I think it will be another Nokia dumbphone not a smartphone like the iPhone.

OVI store will fail because all the stuff Nokia will try to sell will be free on pirate sites anyway and all their fans will whine if they lock things down to prevent it, besides Symbian isn't terribly secure anyway.

So I'll have to pass on the N97, you go have a good time with your $1000 toy.

  • rem

mohammed, 27 Mar 2009i have question whats the difference between "iphone OS 3.0" a... moreIphone OS 3.0 is the ultimate update for Iphone 2G/3G and Iphone 3G is the phone itself.

  • Anonymous

iphone 3g or HTC HD?

  • Anonymous

Mm, 27 Mar 2009Ifans always sacrifice little things to buy iphone! Fm radio ... moreHow can you say anything about the N97 when that phone is not even out yet?!!! How can you tell for something that it is good if you have never held it in your hand???!!!

Jesus! Nokia fanboys are extremely stupid!!!!!!

  • mohammed

i have question
whats the difference between "iphone OS 3.0" and "iphone 3g"
or they are they same just the software differs ?
plz answer

  • Mm

Ifans always sacrifice little things to buy iphone!

Fm radio is great to have! When you are in non wifi zone!
Themes is great
Ringtone customization very good
Decent camera is good cause many people dont usually bring it with them
N97 widgets is fantastic, like music widgets, contacts widget, mail widgets, etc
Ovi store oh god
Official Skype voip over wifi 3g
Nokia map, nokia sport tracker!! Killing apps
Garmin mobile oh my lover

  • Ahmad

the radio is a small problem , and really no one i know use it that much !! , but people should know about the itunes and the ringtone problem ,or that you have to delete lots of songs to delete one , so don't let me start it , but I hope with the updates they put all the basic things that you can find in a 200 $ phone .

  • da

i love de iphone,its wick,,d classy look.who cares bout de radio,,,,,,

  • pinoy

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2009definately nokia iPhone because 5800 had lots of mi... moreim owned an iphone 3g..really nice..i dont have a problem with sister have 5800..i dont like the style..too slow..less apps than iphone..she bought it last feb..Now she wants to buy an iphone 3g!

  • lucian

ABBI, 27 Mar 2009definately nokia 5800 because apple ipho ne had lots of problem.... more5800 has recall because of many faults. my iphone never had a problem. besides of the superb touchscreen and 1000 useful apps, iphone is also the fastest phone today, and you did not know it because you did not have1. ihaters never really knew what they are talking about because they did not own an iphone.

  • masterbenji

what a singaporean freak!read the specs dude! 5800 suck! iphone rules!!!!

  • Anonymous

ABBI, 27 Mar 2009definately nokia 5800 because apple ipho ne had lots of problem.... moredefinately nokia iPhone because 5800 had lots of million of my frnd is using it and speaker no good so have to go Nokia care

  • Anonymous

ABBI, 27 Mar 2009definately nokia 5800 because apple ipho ne had lots of problem.... moreif you think the iphone has problems, maybe you should read about the recall of the 5800 in america

  • ABBI

>>singapore_teen, 26 Mar 2009Hey guys i need help,FAST!! Next Friday I will be getting a new ... moredefinately nokia 5800 because apple ipho ne had lots of of my frnd is using it

  • Anonymous

Nseries cimpurltet, 26 Mar 2009The price is not the same 5800 is much cheaper than ipgone in sg... moreWith the iPhone I can turn on loudspeaker as soon as I've dialled, I don't like the way Nokia's manage it, having to wait until the call is answered before the loudspeaker option comes up.

It can be VERY dangerous when driving as you have to keep an eye on your phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2009any phone that puts itself out there as an "Iphone Killer" is re... morepity symbian is a dog of an OS

  • Quest for an iphone

I keep getting told next week,week..
but its alright i9 know its coming,
apparently, APPARENTLY, where just waiting ona recipt, apparently. ill keep you posted

SHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quest for an iphone

Ive been told that i'll have it soon so just relax,
apparently, APPARENTLY

  • Anonymous

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will be held June 8-12 at the Moscone West convention center in downtown San Francisco.

It's been announced this is where the questions about new iPhone hardware (if any) will be announced and further information about iPhone OS 3.0 will be made available.