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Apple iPhone 3G

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  • Anonymous

500 million applications downloaded in six months
Hallo Nokia !!

  • hanif gillani

iphone has got a lot issues,my text messaging does not and apple are not prepared to change the phone due them saying its a software problem and they are working on it.if they sent me a new iphone it may have the same problem.o2 have been excellent i recommend them.apples service has been apploying.dont buy an iphone go for anything than an iphone apple are a night mare,they make good product but they do not like to admit that they have a problem on there hands.

  • Anonymous

GOnna buy this fone first thing tomorrow morning, tried my freind's and it's awsome the best fone ever well done apple. As in every single fone there is always room for improvements and that's what technology is all about.

  • Anonymous

ash, 19 Jan 2009too much can cause the phone to hang like a computer too many th... moreThat is not true at all, my iPhone 16GB only has 200MB left yet it is just as fast as ever.

Applications open and close almost instantly.

  • thescissors

therock, 19 Jan 2009there are thousands of applications for 5800, same as the n-seri... moreThe 5800 camera is getting rave reviews, it proves Carl Zeiss is a marketing ploy, nothing but hype.

When I update my 2nd phone (N82), it will be something with 8 megapixels, NO Nokia's fit the bill, so I'll have to get a phone from a leader not a follower.

Until then my iPhone rocks the forum trolls!

  • big boy259

therock, 19 Jan 2009the iphone IS the toy due to children owning oneim a child and I love it

  • thepaper

therock, 19 Jan 2009the iphone IS the toy due to children owning oneWhatever, lot's of kid's sign contracts.

  • spena

saying the i phone is a toy is far from the truth you just cant afford the contract !!!!! apple has been making interfaces and operating systems since the microchip was first developed. alot longer than nokia for example who used to make green wellys !!!!

  • Anonymous

Every month you guys compare Phone with some other phone saying ths beter there ware allot of deverent phones but there is always IPHONE you compare it with.........
How funny
IPHONE is the best phone ever made
Thank you APPLE

  • ash

SKK, 18 Jan 2009What's the cause of i phone getting hanged sometimes? Ofcourse o... moretoo much can cause the phone to hang like a computer too many things inside your home pc will make it lag if not freeze
get what im saying
all phones are the same.

  • chad

therock, 19 Jan 2009the iphone IS the toy due to children owning onehold the iphone in a hand and the 5800 in a other and tell me witch one look like a toy ???
the n series applications dosen t work on the 5800 !!!

  • therock

chad, 19 Jan 2009i bought my 5800 one month ago ,lots lots lots of problems : ear... morethe iphone IS the toy due to children owning one

  • therock

chad, 19 Jan 2009i bought my 5800 one month ago ,lots lots lots of problems : ear... morethere are thousands of applications for 5800, same as the n-series.

your 5800 is probably a defect. poor camera on the 5800...hmmm...i dont think so. the camera of the 5800 is way better than the iphone due to carl zeiss optics lens, auto focus, dual led flash.

again, all the iphone has to offer is the fast connection and touchscreen. all around capabilities...thumbs down for the iphone.

  • therock

girlpinay, 16 Jan 2009Iphone has an App Store. It has the best customer support team.... more"apple has the best customer support team" couldnt fix the problem of my iphone. i was on hold for a very long time and my call got transfered to different personnel.

iphone is old school. apple needs to "really" upgrade it, not just the softwares, but the phone itself.

  • kage900

is there any different between iphone 3g and the 1st iphone? except for 3g cause i surely wont use video calls.. for me which 1 is betetr??

  • insanity83

Hi everyone,

I'm an Iphone user for some time now. And here is my Feedback on the Iphone.
There are a lot of things that I do like:

First is the memorystorage ( 8/16 GB ). That just a lot and not much seen on a cellphone.
It gives me the abillity to upload all my favorite mp3's and movies to the Iphone.
With i-Tunes I can install all the sofware I use in daily life, like: Weather, traffice reports, trainschedules and much more.

The main menu exists of small pictures that indicate the function. If you slected a function you can find a very easy submenu. You could say it is idiot proof.
Also I must say I like the Safari web browser. It opends practicly everything. I can use my online banking and much more.
If you have 3G coverage you can internet with great speeds. I'm a Dutch T-Mobile customer and am happy to say that I have a 2mb internetconnection if I have full coverage.
If you don't have 3G coverage you can use the Wifi connection.
Nearly all the basic functions are available on the Iphone.
Unfortunately mms is not a standard function in the software. What is very unfortunate for someone like me who oftens sends friends pictures if I'm clubbing or at a big dance-event. Naturally there is a way to activate mms on you Iphone, but I would advise you to google for that.

For the people that are fund with gaming I've got some good news to.
A lot of games actually have some great graffics. I myself am an online gamer, and know what graffic does to a game. I must say a game like crash bandicoot is very graffical. Better then we might expect in the firts place.

Also the mailing aplication is one of the best I've ever seen. Apple made it easy for everyone to ad your company email adressen or your private email account. Therefore you can always view your email on the road.
With all the features that are granted by Apple, and what you might have found to make the Iphone more usefull to your own needs, it makes this cellphone one of a kind.
Big plusses from me.

  • Anonymous

sa, 19 Jan 2009how is it possibleYou can only record video with jail broken IPHONE

  • sa

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2009theres a video app that makes it hve a video is it possible

  • kohli

mag-a-k, 18 Jan 2009I am thinking of buying IPhone, need some opinion and experience... moreIt's a wonderful phone with minimum drawbacks. Overall if you ask me to rate it, I give 95 marks out of 100. You cannot forward the sms in it. It sometimes gets hanged but sometimes our home pc also gets hanged due to wrong functions. Its touch screen, camera quality, sound, features are wonderful. Go ahead, you will not regret.

  • chad

i bought my 5800 one month ago ,lots lots lots of problems : ear speaker volume , touch screen , software, camera. the dealer change the phone for me 4 times and still have the ear volume problem, they fix it once and didnt work.
I changed my 5800 into the iphone 3g, no features in iphone like nokia but i can say using iphone is a pleasures , volume in headset is much much louder than nokia , picture on phones screen is much better in iphone even its a 2mp camera, in 5800 u dont need the flash light coz with the flash or without it the picture is not clear in the dark. incomparable touch screen :iphone is much better .surfing the web is much faster and easier via safari in iphone than nokia. thousands of applications and tunes downlaodable for iphone , for nokia there s only about 20 or 30 applications only .
U cannot compare nokia 5800 to iphone its totally 2 different phones . 5800 is like a toy