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Apple iPhone 3G

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  • Anonymous

Nick, 19 Nov 2008O and does the i phone slide ?? I THINK NOT!!!I believe the comment made was 'The N95 can do everything'

Clearly that has been proven incorrect. Don't go on about how sliding makes it fantastic.

  • Anonymous

So you can check who your wife was f k n a year ago...

  • Anonymous

Very important feature I guess it is the reason why Apple surpassed Motorola in volume of sales they all are desperate about looking up a year ago records

  • Anonymous

Xman, 19 Nov 2008I ended up doing the much the same. Sold my iPHONE 3G for $$$$ ... moreI'm glad you're happy with your old phone, now can you bring up call records from 3 months ago?

I can get them from over a year ago from my old phone ((Motorola V3XX that my wife still uses).

They used to disappear from my N82 after 30 days.

On the iPhone, I can scroll through the call records and touch the blue icon next to the call if I want to find out whether it was in or out.

Motorola is really good with call records.

  • Nick

i dontl: ike i phone

  • Xman

The MILF Hunter, 19 Nov 2008Very disappointed with this 'phone. After all the hype, I went f... moreI ended up doing the much the same. Sold my iPHONE 3G for $$$$ cash and am happily assigning shortcuts to bluetooth, received calls, missed calls, & SMS logs with a low cost replacement. Basic features that all but the IPHONE support.

What's the use of a phone that only works when sitting in a private office with both hands free?

the iPHONE is like a brilliant student who chooses not to pass English. Huge potential if they apply themselves to the fundamentals.

I was impressed with the non-phone functions so much so that I will most likely purchase an iPOD touch. Luckily it's setup time is so short that the purchase can occur less than 1 week prior to travel.

  • nick

the n95 was revolutionary, it was so revolutionary that some newly released phones today still cannot keep up with its features.

  • therock

JB, 19 Nov 2008I can end this whole my phones is better than your phone thing b... morefor some people the iphone isn't a revolutionary phone.

revolutionary phones can be the n95, n96, touch pro, xperia1, omnia, nokia tube (xm), etc...etc.

  • therock

JB, 19 Nov 2008I can end this whole my phones is better than your phone thing b... morehere we go again

there is no revolutionary/perferct/superb/superior phone.

again it is matter of a preference and needs.

as long as the phone is capable of a is all cool.

as far as for me, i dont really use my iphone as much as my n95 and n93i (also i use the motoq 9h) mainly because the iphone does not have built-in powerful led camera flash. again, sometimes i use still it to shuffle my phones around.

i prefer the n95 because it is more of an all around device.

the iphone,n95,n96,xperia1,htc pro,omnia..etc..are all great phones. again, it is matter of a preference and needs.

to vil,

fast connection to the internet and programs can be interpreted in different ways. 5 seconds is fast for people. 10 seconds is fast for some people...and so forth.

  • husni

it was LEGEND,,,,wait for it,,, almost come,,,
DARY phone dude,okay bye,piss out

  • JB

therock, 19 Nov 2008wow! this forum is heating up..iphone users/worshippers vs anti-... moreI can end this whole my phones is better than your phone thing by just saying this........

What revolutionary phone has come out where people wait days in line for for it's release? In case you are blind, don't read or hear the news I'll let you in on the answer. THE IPHONE. I'm glad I have one!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2008If you want know about TurboSim why dont you google for it ? Ins... moretouchy touchy had a bad day have we


its a sexy phone, i could make love 2 it in a cyber kinda fashion way.... if u know wot i mean xxx


its a savage phone!!! i could make love to it in a cyber fashion.... if you know wot i mean..! kinky

  • Anonymous

bossman, 19 Nov 2008this is really crap phone, yes it has multi touch, and nice web ... moreinteresting comments.................. but unfortunately you completely lost any credability as soon as you mentioned the htc diamond. seriously how the hell can you possibily compare these two phones. i mean im not the biggest fan of the iphone but there is no and i mean no comparison. muppet.

  • Therock

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2008Nokia does not have any flash it is just an IED are you calling ... moreyup. since the light flashes bright after taking pics. Its an led flash.

What would you call it...a bright star?

  • The MILF Hunter

Very disappointed with this 'phone. After all the hype, I went for it - and I wish I hadn't! It's the worst 'phone I've ever owned.
Gadgets galore - most of which are pointless. The novelty of the interface wore off after 5 mins. Worst of all - THE TELEPHONE ELEMENT IS RUBBISH!!! What is the point of a 'phone that is abysmal at making calls?
Back to Samsung for me!

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me how i set up my email account via the mail application? i have tried but as i have a hotmail account it will not let me.

  • Anonymous

my friend has just bought the new 3g and the back is really and i mean REALLY annoying!!!!

  • Anonymous

narki86, 16 Nov 2008Fact of matter is, this phone is total crap, no really, it is. I... moreI think you should better off using those brick phone where not much function or feature to use, come on whAt years we r in now, sooner all phone will me touch screen. In fact I'm typing from my iPhone and I think it is the best phone ever which best feature and interactive