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Apple iPhone 3G

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  • Artanis

Samsung Omnia already killed iPhone, as the answer to the term "iPhone Killer". It cannot surpassed Omnia's versatileness (optical & functionality). Another one is Nokia N96's high-end like capability. In simpleness and teen-style, iPhone remains great. Its the godfather of auto-rotate accelerometer.

  • Masechaba

firstly this is a must have. just want to find out if it has fm radio?

  • T

Is the iphone compattebel to outlook??

  • Problems

Though Apple iPhone 3G has flaws, it is still better than any motorola phones. Motorola is just not innovative enough. We have yet to see a major phone that could compete with iPhone 3G, Nokia N96, Sony Ericsson X1 and Samsung Omnia from motorola. Motorola remains stagnant. At least BlackBerry tried their best with Storm. That's a good start.

  • Problems

My bad.
It has only two colours, not one... which is still not good enough.
Bluetooth is only suited to stereo bluetooth, not for file transfer.. how silly it is!!

  • Problems

iPhone 3G has:-
1. No video calls
2. A lousy camera
3. No flash
4. No Multitasking (task manager)
5. No file manager
6. No forward or back controls (need to use earphones for that)
7. Not a simple file transfer with mini-usb. There's simply no usb port, have to use apple's
8. No place to hang your keys on. (Not necessary)
9. No pocket office software
10. Only one colour (unlike ipod nano)
11. Locked to certain carriers
12. Once u buy this phone, Apple is going to release an even better version in a years time, like they did after iPhone 1st gen. So just wait for 2009...or don't bother at all!
13. Battery could have been better. (Though iPhone 3G won N96 in this aspect, but not for Nokia Tube.)
14. No business card scanner
15. Lousy bluetooth function, could at least allow file transfer.
16. The back is easier to scratch than iPhone.
17. No memory card slot for expansion.
18. No removable battery
19. No flash support in Safari web browser

  • sweet

The price isn't right for its phone features that's the exact term for these phone. N96 has all what you need people who want to have almost all in one phone. The Iphone is just only being over price with it's phone features not that much what we need users.

  • Anonymous

what is the speciality of this phone to be very expensive?.2MP cam,no memory card slot...................At this price you can buy a N96 or one like that which has many extra features.its just the media hype and the brand made this a kind of phone it is

  • Anonymous

Should I buy the iPhone 3G? If you answer this question, can you please give me an explanation to convince me.

  • Planet

Geek, 11 Oct 2008think about you said u just compare iphone with nokia carbon art... moreI'm not comparing phones smart guy, I'm comparing the price to functions. Again, pay attention please.

  • sarah

i was wondering if i can send the songs from my itunes library to the iphone???

*please answer me! i need to know soon.

  • Geek

Planet, 11 Oct 2008How do these comments help a person get a better understanding o... morethink about you said u just compare iphone with nokia carbon arte ?
Do you think thats comparable ?
Man you should think before say something like that.
One word for u ,learn about mobile phones then say something , or just shut up.

  • James

I don't buy iPhone because it
1. does not have camera flash
2. no qwerty keyboard
3. the display resolution is low - should be at least 800x480
4. no GPS IGO program support

RIMM, HTC, SE and Nokia are better

  • Revenant

iPhone user, 10 Oct 2008Part of the reason people enjoy iPhones and Apple products is th... moreWhat other companies are rushing to copy the iPhone? Just because there are a lot of touch phones coming out now, doesn't mean they copied iPhone. Contrary to popular belief, Apple did not create the first touch phone. Not even the first full touch phone...

  • geejay

The best phone you can get by getting ripped off by your GSM provider!

Lets face it, any company that sells iphone hooks you up with the worst and most expensive plan.

iPhone is over-rated. Imagine there was no apps, no touch screen. Where would iphone stand? Just because it has a touch screen doesnt make it the best phone. Its 99% toy, 1% phone. Good luck for you all who wish to browse internet or TYPE a message using the awesome on screen keyboard.
iphone sucks big time. waste of money!

  • alvin

shown kun, 10 Oct 2008I had iphone (first generation) for 1 year. Now I bought iphone... morehey wats the name of the application you downloaded for MMS and bluetooth transfer? and where did you downloaded it? please help me please,

  • dan

all right,,i am hearing a lot....i am using i phone for a while i phone 3g,,,,,it has its defects like no flash player,,,no copy and paste and replacable battery,,,,,i have used all kinds of phone i have an n 95 too,,and i am a hard core nokia fan,,,,,,,i phone may not have the technical quality a nokia offers,,but the ease of use,,and the fun is unlimited,,,,,u will never get bored with this phone,,its just fun ,,too much fun,,after few days i bought n 95 or n 96,,,i was just using it whenvere i neededit,,but my i phone i just cant let ot off my hands,,and the browsing speed and user interface is fun and is expensive,,,,,but good things dont come cheap

  • ViL

Geek, 10 Oct 2008so u confirm what i said , even if other cars where best than la... moremeans that i don't buy it for apple like what people says,,
in case of lamborghini its different they has their own "feels" that would be different from other cars,,

similar to iphone actualy since it gives different feels when u use it

  • Allan

Planet, 11 Oct 2008How do these comments help a person get a better understanding o... moreCheapest phones you can buy with a 3 year rip off data plan!

  • Planet

How do these comments help a person get a better understanding of what phone to buy when the people commenting on this forum cannot even speak proper English? All you people do is argue back and fourth about useless information. This does NOT help at all. iPhone 3G is one of the cheapest phones that you can buy for the amount of technology that it has. Would you rather go out and buy a $1,700 Nokia Carbon Arte, which doesn't do half of the stuff that the iPhone does? Or would you rather buy the iPhone, and spend $5 to get an MMS program? Stop bashing things just to bash. Think before you type please.