Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

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  • Anonymous

a, 14 Jul 2008Many should agree with me, the Apple iPhone is the GGRREEAATTEES... moreyeah i phone i gr8 but tll how good it is when u connect it to exchange server

  • a

Many should agree with me, the Apple iPhone is the GGRREEAATTEESSTT cellphone in the world! I LOVE my iPhone...

  • Victoria

Thanks to all the guys who bothered to answer my many questions, it's a tough call, between Omnia and iPhone. I suppose it all depends on what people look in a phone.

  • John

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2008its slow and the quality is so poor this phone is a junkso u r using it via 3G or Wifi
how abt the calendar and contacts in outlook is it syncing properly !!

  • anna

the iphone is a perfectly fine phone i know the camra isnt great but it still a camra a least its got one. it could be like the ipod touch with no camra and hw do u know that it hasnt got gps i bet u havent even tried it. so u cnt say anything look on this website it tells u what it has and what it does­.html

  • Anonymous

John, 14 Jul 2008if any one has handle on exp with iPhone 3G plz let me know h... moreits slow and the quality is so poor this phone is a junk

  • John

if any one has handle on exp with iPhone 3G
plz let me know
how good it is when connecting with Exchange server ??

  • Anonymous

no blutoothh and i thought in aus it would be $400 not $800?

  • I feel empty

Love the applications.

Hate the battery life.

  • Anonymous

dont need bluetooth and mms.. can send/recieve stuff thru windows messenger.. and facebook with facebook chat!

  • Thanh

Does this have bluetooth and mms?

  • se23

hi guys, the iphone 3g is not wot I expected, I thought v2 would b more advanced. But on the flip side I'm still loving it. My nokia e61 did much more than the iPhone and n95 would do more also. But the iPhone is just such a joy to use I love it. I also have b&o sereneta which can't do any thing but works well. Nokia is to problematic for me. Ps I dropped my iphone on concrete last nite LOL

  • Anonymous

n-95 has nothing on the iphone, all bout the touch screen and internet browswer and lovin itunes.. i used 2 have n95 there slow and boring

  • Bridget

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2008I agree. Nokia N95 8GB is heaps better.I agree the N95 is a heap too.

  • Anonymous

no improvement on the camera means no improvement at all.

  • sjcrw

bek, 12 Jul 2008and if i'd choose between a nokia n95 and an iphone i would choo... moreppl even say 93 is big, i think it's just the rite size. now i'm using 95-4, seems so small. but i luv it, such a nice phone. plz do the compare. iphone can't even match the powerhouse n95 8gb

  • Dan [ telco]

aron, 13 Jul 2008guess, lot of negative feedback is from bitter frustrated people... moreyoue iphone by all spec's is limited..there are plenty of other handsets on the market, both past and present that make the iphone look inherently retarded...all you paid for was a ipod with a base entry phone that cant even video call like all 3G handsets are supposed to be able to do!!...stick it, ill wait for the n96..[smashes the iphone in every way!!]

  • sunil_1202

I personally like PDA phone 'O2 XDA Atom' and especially transcriber function of microsoft.But, would love to buy iPhone 3G for it's unique combination of touch/zoom feature with 3.5" screen alongwith 3G speed, which really gives desktop flavor of internet browising. Rest you will get in all other brands.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2008Whatever your comments and opinions, good or bad but the fact st... moreWell, This is a fact that Apple learn much from it's competition. They are now creating extra ordinary hype over ordinary products.

the iPhone is a hype and brings nothing really innovative. you can't rely on hype for long. See where Motorola is now even after it's extra ordinary successful RAZR.

  • stranger

Victoria, 13 Jul 2008can anyone please-please-please tell me if you can download msn ... morehi victoria,

u can do anything with this fone, whatever u want. buy the fone first , i will help you, if u want.