Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

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  • Anonymous

Patrick, 10 Jul 2008In less than one hour my opinion is set. It's bad. It's slow, th... morehow do you know all that apout the iphone 3G?? it came out TODAY and i`m going to get it!maybe u were talking about the OLD iphone,not about the v2.0

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2008Do iphone 3G have built in speakerit do

  • Anonymous

i bought the phone today, its slow and its camera sucks beside it dosent have bluetooth for file transfer,its a junk so save your money and buy the htc touch diamond.

  • Anonymous

its missing too many features to be called a great fone!!!

  • Anonymous

it's a great phone cause of it's interface, i really like but i was in doubt to buy it because everybody would have one and i think it is annoying but i said to myself so what!

  • iolo003

what a junk!!

all hype and publicity, nothing more c",

  • Anonymous

mms also cant be supported?????????..u call this a great phone????????..LOL

  • Anonymous

haha...bluetooth can only support for headset but not transfer files???..u call this a great phone???????????????????????????????//

  • Anonymous

Phone looks great but is impossible to sms with if you have long fingernails! Responds only to finger touch unlike the LG Viewty which you can use nail,finger or the stylus. Oh well thats a no goer for me !!

  • mr big

blud this fone is immense. camera not to bad.. fone is so fun fun fun! if u want entertainment and fun on a fone this is the one for you. browse internet for free anywhere any time at fast speeds! so if ur a facebook or myspace fan then this is good, u can also stream movies etc! easy to use handset, much better than tocco which i previously had, well tocco is better for camera understandably!! on a 45 tariff i get 1200 mins and 500 txts! not bad really as got the fone free! this phone wont dissapoint.

  • jjones

does the iphone 3g can connect to a free wlan just like a laptop if i buy in prepaid and i do not buy a package for data????

  • jimmy

i had an n95 but it is far too ugly!!! and
the software is rubbish

  • Anonymous

The N95 8GB is miles better. It has loads more functionality. The only thing the N95 could do with is a touch screen interface.

What is with the hype about apple having 3G functionality....most phones have had this for ages. Apple are really slow!

  • jimmy

i agree with all the comments about the camera and bluetooth etc but its still an amazing touchscreen and ive had a viewty and a tocco in the past few months and they dont come close!!!!! i love my iphone and wouldnt swap it for the world!!!!

  • gonna get one

was seriously looking at getting one, but not even 24 hrs out of the shop, and it looks as though this phone has already expired. with all the hype surrounding it, with the controversy of the cost of the phone, and the cost of the plans available for it, compared to the rest of the world, it seems that it is nothing but an expensive paper weight.

with the world wide release in NZ, you can imagine how much media this has gotten, and now there will be even more with nearly 90% of those who have bought it either returned them, or have given it a bad wrap.

Personally, its sounds like you would have been better off keeping your old phone, and buying a ipod nano.

  • Anonymous

Arrived in Australia today and played with it for a while, bit behind the times now and would have been good in the 90's.Very dissappointed with all the hype about it.

  • fee almighty

the iphone is really really undescribably painstakingly gash , i would not buy this phone if my life depended on it , why would you want a phone that does absolutly nothing not even the simplest things that a bog standard cheap handset would do , if it were up to me whoever decided to charge the amount of money for something as good as the nokia 1208 should be stopped

  • Clattergate

CHEAP TRICK !... I got to the O2 store at 815.. they had sold out... are they so desperate to be able to say demand has outstripped demand that they make sure they sell out in 13 mins!
Apple should give their customers what they want a bit more rather than concentrating on hype.... its put me off... bye bye Apple !

  • 2002

This fone would have been top dog,,,,,,in 2002 !!....Specs are poor at best for a 2008 supposed superfone

  • insider

as someone that has worked on the 3G iphone project i feel the handset is somewhat limited.
Has no MMS ability but an application is soon to be released.
its 2MB cam is slow and has no zoom feature (optical/digital) has no flash or video recording.
Its customization is very limited with only the ability to change the background that only appears when you unlock the screen. (not the home screen) you cant use mp3's etc as ringtones unless you make your own in garage.
Otherwise the interface is smooth and responsive and very userfriendly.
this phone is over-rated.