Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

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  • DK Zafar

Superb! man I can't wait till this thing get released dude

  • Anonymous

Lot a people complained about mms,vidéo calls,the price...
"This HS is so better because ...."

The iphone make calls-sms ok? That's a phone.
Ipod like,vidéo,gps,3G are some options.

A Ferrari is better than a basic car ok? But it's a car : 4weels,a engine.
Not the same price,not the same options.

People who like iphone,buy it.
Others,go to samsung,sony,nokia...
Plz stop this little war.

  • benji

They have not added the feature in Iphone 3G for using it as a modem. This is one hell BIG diffirence compared to other brands but other than that I like it.

  • anasta

Hey Can Anybody Tell me?
If how much it will cost if dont make contract for giving monthly fee of 70$ with apple, And i want to take it because i just Like it, I wont be using it for bussnise and i will be using it for its iPod and for Voice calling .
Plz Plz Plz Tell me

  • aamirfalcon

craigy29, 21 Jun 2008Some Advise People: I'm considering buying the Iphone 3G and ... morereply @ craigy29 ,well iphone 3g can send multimessages to many persons at the same time,u can confirm it from and click on features and on the left u will see "SMS" click and u can see for yourself and i am unsure about the bluetooth yet so working on it,

  • Neo

Apple iPhone To Record Video

One of the bigger issues with the Apple iPhone is that it was devoid of video recording capabilities.That is now about to stand corrected. Although it is NOT Apple who has revamped the camera but a third part application that will provide this facility.

check this link to download the software on your iphone -

  • mick

no MMS messaging a downfall

  • Anonymous

So much hassle over just one phone.
Just let the people who want it get it; it's their money spend

  • craigy29

Some Advise People:

I'm considering buying the Iphone 3G and would like to see if you think it would be worth me buying.

This is the story so far:

I currently use the Nokia N95 8gb mobile phone, which I really like, i've only had it for 4 months and it has alot of features I don't really use.

I also recently bought a Apple ipod touch 32gb, which I've only had for 3 weeks so far and I spent AUD$629 on and I am in love with it and I like the huge memory it has.

Now, sometimes I don't like carrying around two gadgets (Ipod touch & Nokia N95), not that it's much of a hassel, so I do like the idea of having one great device like the iphone 3G which gives me the touch features that I like, the fact that I can have all my music and video's and stuff in it.

Now, I only use my mobile phone (Nokia N95) for voice calls, txt/sms messages, multimedia messages, games, videos, bluetooth sharing, wifi and some normal standard features. I don't care for video calling because I never really use it.

My only concern about the iphone 3g are:

- I read it does not send or receive multimessages at all!! (Is there away around this)

- Also you can't bluetooth between other bluetooth gadgets.

- Also that the most memory the iphone 3g offers is 16gb's ( i have 32gb's in my touch).

Regards to memory, I'm wondering whether 16gb's would be enough anyhows, reason being is that I have about 1000 songs, 60 x half hour tv episodes and 100 pictures on my current ipod touch 32gb and i've only used up to 8gb's of its shared 32gb memory, and I dought very much I am going to put a whole lot more on it except for more music. So I am thinking 16gb's would be enough memory (would love a 32gb iphone, i wouldn't hesitate to buy one then hehe), but thats not hapenong anytime soon, i guess.

So basically what I'm asking you guys, is what would you do based on this information I have shared with you. Would love your thoughts/suggestions to help me to decide if i should buy the iphone 3g or just keep using my Nokia N95 and my ipod touch as i am now, or combine the two into one with the iphone 3g.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions/advise ;-)

  • Anonymous

Can the iphone take video??? i know it has all these 'fabulous' features for viewing videos but can i actually record one using the camera on this handset?? can anyone let me know?

  • maher

So every thank its same

  • far

THis phone has a lack of features but i think i should get it because it has got standard and look. Am pretty sure if u will use it infrnt of pepole many of them will turn back 2 see this phone.

  • Modern

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2008Its simple, beautiful, moderm, people buy this stuff, just dont ... moreAnd, it works really good!

  • Anonymous

Its simple, beautiful, moderm, people buy this stuff, just dont break the LCD,

  • History

- Yours is the most outrageous statement in history. That you would think people would not understand your ignorance is amazing.

"1)first of all.. There is no uniqueness to the phone. every other person i know has the same exact phone."
- You know so many people?

"2)If u are a real PHONE USER. You would realize that the IPHONE is a closed cascade.You cant do anything with it WITHOUT breaking the warranty on the phone. ahem. JAILBREAK."
- You statement is factually untrue. It can be restored to it's original software via iTunes. There is no trace it was ever unlocked.

"3)$200 for the phone + $80 something per month on the plan. thats like $1000 u spending each year on a CELLPHONE!!"
- So, you are suggesting someone pay 800 - 1,000 for a Sony, Samsung, or Nokia (which networks and carriers don't support with the same services)? And then, you think the plan will be less money? Please!

"No interconnectivity between applications. NO BLUETOOTH except for HEADSETS. so if i want to get a ringtone or pictures from my friend.. I WILL HAVE EMAIL IT TO EACHOTHER EVERYTIME."
- You have a point. But, it's not enough to degrade the overall experience of this awesome phone.

"NO MMS? wat are u in 1990s?YOU are paying $30 a month for the dataplan. and u CANT send MMS. rediculous."
- Again, you are in error. My phone can send an mms. I downloaded the program. A couple minutes later...mms is working. In any case, there are mms workarounds. An mms works via the phones e-mail address anyway.

  • Get

Mashhood, 20 Jun 2008Very very well said my friend... but i really dont get it why th... moreAnd people, like me, who own the iPhone don't get it why you don't get it. It's awesome, in case you haven't realized it yet. If not, then why are so many manufacturers trying to imitate it? Why so many comparisons? Why so many people buying it? Why so many countries taking it. Would you suggest all these people are just fools? But yeh some people, like your self, just don't get it. We have hope for you though.

  • Hey

skg, 20 Jun 2008hey can this phone be unlocked so it can be used in countries wh... moreHey, can you not be lazy and read the posts and articles which have already answered this question?

  • Natty

RAM, 20 Jun 2008IPHONE IS THE BIGGEST RIP OFF IN CELLPHONE HISTORY. 1)first o... moreYou got it.

Until they stop being GREEDY, i wont buy it. lol. they're holding back on purpose... marketing strategy.

  • Mashhood. Help requi

Please please please...! anybody help me! I wanna buy an apple iphone but i dont know which one to buy, the 3g or the simple one? please help me as im totally confused. I live in an area were iphone is not available so i get it from the black market, means the 3g iphone is more than $1000. please please help me decide which one to buy...! it would be very nice of you all to help me! my e-mail is
im quite hopefull that u guys n gals will surely help me figure out my problem.!

  • skg

hey can this phone be unlocked so it can be used in countries where apple isnt launching the iphone ?