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Apple iPhone 3GS

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  • iphoneuser

one of the best phone way back its time

  • cjp


Could anybody help me with my iphone 3GS? Whenever I post something on Facebook, the work "from my iphone" does not appear. Is it something to do with the setting or my network provider?

Would appreciate your help on this. Many thanks:)

  • Fahd

The most pathetic phones ever made , i have been using phones since their creation and have never hated any phone like this.
1.does not do let you do any thing with it.
2.softwares can corrupt any time and you need jail break again.
3.very delicate and body raptures easily.
4.Bad camera
5.wastage of money.
6.Share every thing that you do on it.

  • Anonymous

ansar, 08 May 2011i dont no to download the free sofware can any one tellme how to... moreIf your iPhone is jailbroken then download Installous from cydia.. Through which you can download All AppStores free aplication (full Version)

Else Register for free on App Store and you can download free versions of applications..

  • ansar

i dont no to download the free sofware can any one tellme how to dowload from cpu and in mobile it self pls do

  • anon

Uhm, I was thinking about buying this phone, if I have an iBook app on it, does it require internet connection? thanks..

  • mouse

i bought the iphone 3gs £543 i have had it replaced 4 times now same trouble each time battery battery not working battery only lasting a day and only used it 4 2 mins call but service 4 replacement and service 100p/cent have got iphone 4 now heres hopeing

  • Anonymous

AnonD-7268, 29 Apr 2011do you know maybe can 3gs be reseted?i mean can you make it look... moreA restore resets that data.

  • paradox

if i lose this hp (iphone 3gs), can it be detected? TQ

  • ****

I recommend the iphone 3gs because of:
1- Its faster than th 2g and 3g .(3gS--> S=speed)
2-Its resonnable price not expensive like the iphone 4.
3-Its has got a plenty of apps on the net.
4- Its designed for daily use.

  • AnonD-7466

Mr Bluesman, 01 May 2011I'm trying to replace my old trusty N82 (with battery issues) wi... moreHi Mr Bluesman

I recommend the iPhone i'm not just saying this because i have 1, its because the iPhone has more ongoing support there are millions of apps and the internet is absolutely fantastic. Maemo isn't going anywhere software wise there arnt many apps and OVI is a bit dodgy with mostly 2d Apps. the iPhone is defiantly better for music as it is an iPod in a phone and YouTube videos also load extremely fast

I'm trying to replace my old trusty N82 (with battery issues) with iphone 3gs or Nokia N900. What do you recommend? I like to surf on the web, listen some music, webmail, youtube, update my twitter and facebook. I rarely use the GPS on my older phone, but when I use, it's very useful. Wich one is the best for my case?

  • jmam

i want iphone 3gs battery

  • krish

i am not geting pc conect

  • Shushii

How many iPhone 3GS have been sold?

  • AnonD-7268

Van, 27 Apr 2011What is Your Battery Usage? iPhone 3gs -4.2.1 -10% brightness... moredo you know maybe can 3gs be reseted?i mean can you make it look like your life time conversation is 1 day and actually it was 9 days?

  • Zeener

hey guys! any one here who knows greenhills san juan? what's the price of this phone on the stores in greenhills?please answer me...^^, thanks!^^,

  • Zeener


  • AnonD-7268

can iphone be reseted?i mean can you make like you talked 1 day and you actually talked 9 days?

  • strale

Can he be reseted?I mean if u talked 9 days can u do it like u talked 1 day?