Apple iPhone 3GS

Apple iPhone 3GS

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  • hapishyguy

common RIM smack the iphone!

  • Anonymous

disappointing disappointing disappointing disappointing !!!!!!

samsung technolgoy is more advance than iphone. same old specifications. no flash, no radio, camera 3mega,

except the touch flow all boring

  • Flames

Apple is slowly going the Motorola Razr way, rehash after rehash untill obscurity....

  • oho

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2009many features added and improved. most cannot be shown here... moreAnd those details are ??

  • khalid

it is very neas

  • Anonymous

but i will stick with my old 3G:P

  • Anonymous

many features added and improved. most cannot be shown here in GSM specs because its not that detailed here.
but if you seen the WWDC on video streaming, can consider to have a big improvement.

  • Anonymous

I prefer X2 over this one.

  • oho

WTH with you apple, can't u bring something new to your devices ?? Earlier when they announced their iPhone 3G there was NOTHING new but the adding of 3G .. and now you come up with .. this ?? what's new in this than the original 3G ?? A +1MP camera ?? and still no flash ??
Or the compass ?? What makes this phone amazing so that an already wielder of the 3G could give it up for this one ?? Nothing, nothing and nothing!!
Nice work apple, keep going with your outdated phones!!

  • Shay

Wow!!! It has bluetooth lol. I think this just so over rated... A 3mp camera (standard), bluetooth (standard), compass??? wats the point. I guess it will still make sales as i have to admit it does have the best touch screen and all them apps. Still think they will be over taken once again with all the new phones coming out.

  • Hapishyguy

This is going to be a good phone. I watched it live at WWDC. I mean on the internet live coverage, not physically there. Its seems to be nice phone. They claimed 100 new features in the phone. Nice games, TomTom navigation, you can locate the phone where it is if its lost and then you can send a sound remotely to the phone which will tell that its a stolen phone. Also you can remotely wipe the phone if its lost and remotely backup the data if you find the phone again. The features are nice. I am a Blackberry fan so lets see what blackberry comes out with. Storm2 was selling on some chinese site though. It was all touch with no physical buttons. Common RIM what the next move!!!!

  • Max

WoW iPhone 3GS, so modern and fresh and revolutionary -- NOT

Its just the old iPhone with hsdpa and 3,2Mpix AF camera with video recording, and they want to sell us that as something great - we have that in our phones 2 years ago. I wouldn't change my 5800 for this

  • Anonymous

software 3.0 update is available worldwide june 17. then iphone 3GS releases june 19 in some countries. then a month later on the rest.

  • Roy

Wow...... Waited all day to find out that the new iphone is going to stay the same??? We all new what 3.0 OS had to offer and its an improvement, but im not setting up my tent and sleeping bag just yet. Apple can keep there 3 megapixle camra... I expected alot more today and im really disapointed. This was apples last chance to convince me to stay with my 3g but im getting rid of it. GO ANDROID!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

nothing new about it just improved ver of the iphone 3g too bad from apple !

  • cyrax68

I wILL BE Buying one its awesome

  • Anonymous

big crap disapointment

  • lolbroek

adi, 08 Jun 2009no new fitures just a little faster biger memori what else ? there will be a lot of new features. Thats the whole point with this new one. same design a lot of new things to do with the new iphone 3gs

  • Anonymous

does anyone know if it will stick with att or go to other carriers?also how much is this phone going for?

  • piyush


apple lived up to expectations!!!!!!1