Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

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  • eclipse080809

count me in on the new Iphone 4G, i'll arrange now my reservation with my carrier 4G Iphone it is (^^,) pitty though for my 3GS i just have it for less than year...

  • far han

i will to buy

  • JC

i would still go with the iphone 3g !!!

  • zoel

it will be my next phone

  • V¡shu from dhu

Keep it up generation ahead iphone..80 gb storage hangs the mobile also

  • Anonymous

they should have a better multitasking feature and they should add more features that can smoke android phones i gotta say its a good one for apple cant w8 for its release

  • Anonymous

Looks ugly. Might aswell stick to iPhone 3GS.

  • Anonymous

i really wish apple would tell us this is a fake!

  • niknok

apple just upgraded stuffs a little again.. And, I think, the look is better than the older versions.

  • Anonymous

I find the design quite disappointing. Nothing special and quite ugly.

Looks like the Samsung F480 IMHO.

  • karen

if i will choose between iphone 4g and epoy pilipinas?
i will choose pantry man! =>

  • Jake

Lame, No Java, Lame, No Flash, what the hell are they selling ! a square version of the 3GS?


  • A

I am not impressed at all at this point, i thought apple would rock us with something amaizing but it isnt so. screen is small, no video confrance, and all they did was unlucked a few of the fetures we get when we jail break the 3GS- as an ex iphone user. i am not falling for this again. when they unluck this phone for real use and give us oled screen with amaizing bettery life ill consider for now i am a big believer of the HTC HD2 - it is by far a better phone

  • SP

I dont think its that great

  • xxx

Cannot wait to get ny hands on this superphone.

  • epoy pilipinas

i will buy iphone 4g for karen and chavez! cheeks q 2 men....=>

  • asb

a very nice upgrade to my iphone 3g. can't wait to get my hands on one. :)

  • Iphone fan

the previous iphone design is better
but the specification of this phone perfect
it is upgrade than iphone 3gs before

  • jd

is there a flash support for safari?

  • Anonymous

bender, 19 Apr 2010great. this will be my next iphone! :))yeah right. like you have any other choice of new iphones.. gimme a break, man