Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

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  • mnm

sorry tv out was also there...

  • SE 2010

Woow flash for the camera good for you apple, now your learning. While the stupid Samsung galaxy S has no flash! So your improving now and they are degrading.

Samsung users made a lot of fun of you for not having a flash for the camera and today samsung does this stupid mistake! So its time for payback iphone users :D

  • mnm

now it has all the features which was missing in d previous ver. of iphones. (led flash,bluetooth file transfer,tv out). only fm radio is missing...

  • ali abbas

iphone 4g.... woooowwww ...!!! =d

  • Aftab

Please change this design apple 3gs design was superb this one is not looking very good as 3gs and please apple think about iphone size its so big why you not think to out mini iphone

  • Anonymous

i find this version way better looking than my round 3GS, can't wait!

  • Anonymous

his is more than likely true in most aspects as it would be typical of Apple to release a 'new' phone which has a few minor improvements on previous releases. This time its memory and screen resolution and a industry standard camera,all of which should have be included in the 3gs but would have resulted in far less sales from fanboys drooling for the 'new' phone now

  • SRG

The design is not soo good...Seems to be Nokia :))...The 3G and 3GS is 10x COOL...I donk know what seels they will have with this 4G...I have all from Apple ( MAC, Ipad, Ipod Touch,Iphone 2G 3G 3GS, All the accesories) but this Iphone 4G i will not buy.Very ugly.

Sorry for my bad English

  • celtichazard

really a dissapoiment this specs is a mid range movil

  • Anonymous

This actually looks quite good, different...I think i'm sold...

  • Anonymous

this phone sucks!!! Wayyyyy behind technology compare to SAMSUNG phones. All the features are sucks ass except a good big internal harddrive, that's all. I will never buy this phone. Apple is so disappointing!!!

  • uar

iphone the best

  • XXX

i love it & i dont see any down side

  • Anonymous

Will they use the A4 1GHz cpu made for the ipad or the same cpu as the 3GS??

  • dave

it also reminds me of an n96 front that's had the sliding keypad ripped off cheeeaaap lol at apple

  • minizobi

You sure this gonna be teh new iPhone? It kinda looks more like Nokia NSeries...

  • sagar

nice phone after 3gs.................

  • cesar

this picture is a fake of a clon japanese!!!

  • Anonymous

same as iphone 3gs apart from gigs

  • Mobilemaster

And I forget to tell you, that Toshiba has a 7Gb phone in Japan! :) So, why they can't make an 80Gb phone??